X-tile runs, but not inside a cron job.

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    EDIT: I would like to add that x-tile works perfectly when used by itsself. I only have issues when I run it in a cron job.

    I need to run “x-tile m” in a cron job, because I need my windows to stay maximized, no matter what in my particular implementation. I have confirmed that my cron is running properly by echoing text into a log file.

    I have tried the following cron jobs and none of them do anything:
    * * * * * x-tile m
    * * * * * x-tile m&
    * * * * * /usr/bin/x-tile m
    * * * * * x-tile m >> /home/me/crontab.log

    The last one is interesting because it will make an empty file named crontab.log.

    Please help! Somebody please tell me why this program doesn’t work with cron!

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