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    I cannot save anything with my fresh installation of CherryTree.
    I get the error:
    "path/to/file.ctb write failed - writing to disk"

    Interestingly a 0 byte .ctb file is created. So that suggest to me that it’s probably not a write permissions issue.

    The same thing happens even if I create a new instance and try to save it (including the creation of the 0 byte file).

    I am using the Ubuntu .deb under KDE Neon.


    If leading and trailing spaces inside table cells (and other disimilar text), cherrytree (v0.38.5) cannot save

    Patch: delete table and paste text in plain text

    Even though, this a great notetaking software



    If I delete some (sub)nodes, when saving I get the “writing error”, still occurs up to today (even using the latest release – 0.38.9)

    But I can use the “Save As” option

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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