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    Hi All,

    I started work on implementing a mobile version of Cherry Tree.
    At this point, the intention is to implement it as read-only app, with the file shared using dropbox or similar method.
    I am using Flutter framework which works for both Android and iOS devices.
    Currently, the app reads the database (location of it is hardcoded in the source code for now) and displays the entries in a hierarchical list. Images, tables and code blocks are not shown. Raw xml markup of the notes is shown and not processed.

    Next steps as I see them are:
    1. Implement better integration with Dropbox
    2. Convert raw markup to rich text
    3. Show images
    4. Show tables
    5. Show code blocks

    Here is github repo:

    Please let me know if anyone wants to try or contribute.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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