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    I consider CherryTree to be by far the best hierarchical note taking application, despite the problem of formatting for copy-paste or cut-paste which I saw that it was difficult. This problem is also found elsewhere, for example in LibreOffice Writer.
    I therefore seek to make the best possible use of CherryTree.

    I saw in your manual two passages that deal with bullets, their use and their replacement:
    § 7.5 Formatting: Set / Unset Bulleted List; Set / Unset To-Do List.
    § 9.2 Text: Smart Quotes Auto Replacement; Symbol Auto Replacement.

    But I found that there were other cases of bullet treatments:
    • Replacements of
    =>, -> at the beginning of the line
    ==>, -> elsewhere
    ‘ ‘ if written from left to right.
    • Use of the dash ‘-’ at the beginning of the line as a bullet (propagated to the next line).

    As these cases are not documented, I would like to know if there are other cases of replacement or propagation of symbols.
    I also suggest to better specify in the manual the replacement conditions (for example at the beginning of the line or from left to right for paired symbols, etc.).
    Thank you. Christian.

    System : Linux Mint 19.3 Mate.

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