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    I wonder if text folding of any sort is possible in CherryTree. Is there a component in Qt that provides this functionality? Thanks.



    Here is one approach I have just tried as an experiment.

    Using the same approach as in nearby thread (using AHK for automation if you are in Windows) you could write your multiple expanded text sections in individual code boxes and then use an AHK automation script to run through these steps, after first selecting a code box to expand or collapse:

    Click on collapsed Code Box to select it.
    Right click on selected Code Box
    Change CodeBox Properties to expand height to say 200
    View or Edit the code box
    Change CodeBox Properties to collapse height to say 20

    You can bind hot keys for Code Box expand/collapse

    e.g. Ctrl + Arrow up and Ctrl + Arrow down

    The Code Box can be Type > Plain Text or you can choose a language such as python to execute content of Code Box.

    If you are not a Windows user there are other automation scripts to use to emulate the expand/collapse process.

    There seems to be no limit to what effects you can achieve using external scripting.



    I noticed that Ctrl+comma and Ctrl+Alt+comma makes the code box grow and shrink in height.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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