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    Klaas Vaak

    Sisyfos, thanks for coming back to me. Yes, I considered doing that, but I decided against it because it would mean still spending a fair amount of time each day add the missing layout & data. Right now I am using OneNote with a complete template, I don’t see the benefit of making a few steps back in convenience & ease of use just to use the calendar node in CT.


    Klaas Vaak

    Eureka, I am glad you are not just doing this for me.
    In terms of the process at my end, what I do every day is call up the template each day & fill in the data, which form a sort of historic record, a journal. I don’t do any analysis of the data.

    I am using Win 8.1/64-bit. I don’t have Python installed, but have no objection to installing it. How would such an interactive form work? And if I need to change the template, how easy would that be to do?




    After kicking around various approaches I think that the most stable approach is to install Java8, Jetty, and Actiona using the links I listed earlier. Then I will be able to post an Actiona script which takes it from that baseline.

    Regarding how I see this working ..

    Blank CherryTree node created (your daily journal node)

    CherryTree Edit > Insert/Edit Link

    Node hyperlink directs to website .. local jetty URL

    e.g. http://localhost:8080/forms/index.html

    Form is completed in your default browser

    Form Submit button clicked

    Form data can then be sent in different routes depending on user requirement …

    — write back form fields to CherryTree node either in clear text or in a table

    — write back to a formal database for archiving/analysis

    — write back to log file

    Regarding question on ease of changing templates (i.e create a library of form layouts/templates) I envisage a script or a form for that express purpose .. e.g. a “form template builder”. Using a form to design form templates.

    The form components will be described in a simple *.ini file format.

    The idea is to remove the need for knowledge of jquery components and HTML/JS/CSS coding.

    If you want to get a handle on what is state of the art look at Orbeon form builder.


    Community version is free.
    This though is getting into deep technical.
    It is one future target application for me to link to.

    If you install Actiona (see earlier link) I can follow up with an automation script which runs in your Actiona.

    I have to comment that I don’t see the purpose of holding journal notes (your examples) at such a nanolevel if you don’t/can’t analyse them.

    The clue in your example templates was the word “zettelkasten”. I searched and found this ..


    and some more ideas here …


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    Klaas Vaak

    Eureka, I don’t know what is going on with the forum, but I don’t see my earlier reply about my 4 categories of notes, and I do not see your reply to that Part 1 of 2, although I did get the email notification with your text.

    My answer to that:
    Thanks for your advice about Ubuntu, I will bear it in mind. I have not decided yet about the move, but you probably gathered that.

    You say LAMP stack is less easy in Windows, which worries me a bit. Would it not be possible to use Jetty, then eventually switch to LAMP if/when I am in Linux? Or does that mean the programming would have to be redone from scratch?

    Another point I forgot to mention is that I regularly copy/paste part of a spreadsheet into 1N. That is not a problem because 1N is part of the Office suite. But in CT it does not render well. My workaround is to make a screenshot of the spreadsheet & copy/paste that into CT. Would the copy/paste action for the screenshot be possible in the form system you have in mind?


    Klaas Vaak

    Eureka, a couple of other things I need are the ability to add a ToC, and from time to time I need to add a bit of extra text without amending the template.
    So I took another close look at my 1N template: I can make a CT template with the same data, except it will not be organised with little tables but with text only. That way I will fulfill my requirement for these 2 aspects, and where I need to add excel data to demonstrate a point I will insert a screenshot of the spreadsheet.

    In the final analysis, I feel that your solution, while an interesting one & probably useful for your workflow, is too much of a workaround in my case.

    I hope I have not inconvenienced you too much, which is why I wanted to let you know now rather than at a later stage.

    I want to thank you for your understanding & help.




    I understand your wish not to use a plethora of tools to extend CherryTree functionality, since it is going through migration anyway. No inconvenience to me.

    One question so that I can continue with my own hacking.

    What version of OneNote are you using?


    Klaas Vaak

    OneNote 2013.




    This experiment works for me (but possibly not you since you have earlier versions).

    My setup:
    Windows 10
    OneNote 2016

    In OneNote .. create document
    then OneNote File > Export (Microsoft Word XML Document) .. docx extension

    Install pandoc (read here for context).


    posts #124548 and #124549

    (Incidentally the format / theme of this forum has changed in recent days and there is no way I can see to retrospectively edit the large font size now displayed, which were not in previous format).

    Now with pandoc installed go to location of exported *.docx and run …

    pandoc myOneNote.docx -o myOneNote.html

    You can now import this HTML into CherryTree node.


    Klaas Vaak

    Howdy Eureka, thanks for this suggestion !! Brilliant in its simplicity, exactly what I needed. Now I don’t have to go through different loops to get my data into CT.

    I had come across Pandoc before but stayed away because it seemed complicated, perhaps because I was less comfortable with software without a GUI. Anyhow, I have it now so it’ll come in handy. Thank you again 😉

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