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    I’ve been wondering if you thought about a tech change (instead of python/gtk), cherrytree is impressive, and I love it (I’ve been loving it for quite some time), but sometimes, in some distros I’ve had a difficult time installing it, also sometimes I don’t have the binary installed and I’m sold, so a few days ago I came to make a proof-of-concept.

    HTML and JS for local operation, not webserver (but extending it will be easy), tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Seamonkey… it worked (I can attach files if you tell me how it is done here)

    The idea behind this proof-of-concept was: selfcontained (one file), open from browser with file:///<path>/filename, and somehow limited functionality (but more that I though), browser “save as” can save the whole data…

    I’m no web developer (I’me pretty bad with GUI) or JS, and the code behind it is not even in alpha state, but something like cherrytree (with the same look, even if it’s more limited)… I think would be awesome.

    So, did you thought about it? do anyone want to check it or even clean/expand



    I’m interested to see how this works, do you have a github branch/repo setup already?



    I have a very early-and-dirty version at (also you can check other things i uploaded if you check my user there, not much though)

    if you want a more recent version and/or how it works, send me an email at wurldee[youknowthesymbolhere]gmail[youalsoknowthesymbolhere]com

    No IDE envolved, only a text editor (geany), and no external dependencies, tested with Chrome, FF, SeaMonkey… (I put them above)

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    • This reply was modified 11 months, 4 weeks ago by  wurlde.


    The idea came when a kanban board I did (pretty ugly, but functional) worked, I had my kanban in one screen, and cherrytree in the other (under FD64), and though about being both in the browser…



    UPDATE: I’ve received Giuspen authorization (or should I say, blessings XD) to share this. I was scared because I cloned Cherrytree GUI (I’m bad at GUI’s, you can check yourself in my projects page downloading any of them) and he may feel insulted, not the case, here I go:

    It’s not Cherrytree, doesn’t have it’s features, most of them are disabled by now (import/export, bookmarks, search, justify fill does not work on some browsers, print…)

    You can create nodes, edit whatever you want, create links, attach files and images (not recommended more than 10MB).

    Recomended the ‘save’ feature on the html app, not the browser one, and save at the same level (with another name) of the original file. Why? because it’s not self contained yet and this way your save will be complete.

    It’s more or less stable, well, more or LESS stable… :), attaching a big file, depending on browser, OS and memory available, could end with process kill. I’ve successfully attached 20MB file, but at the fourth time without ‘refresh’, SeaMonkey died. It’s not recommended to make the (html) file grow over 120MB’s.


    NOTE: TESTED ON FF 58.0 64bits (Windows 10) && SeaMonkey 2.39 (FatDog64 7.10)

    Hope you like it.



    Uploaded v0.2

    .- Maybe a few more bugs, repaired a lot of them, but adding more features lead to more bugs (most of them not found yet)
    .- Added Scketchpad (for tablet users with active pen, users with mouse will be dissapointed)
    .- Most of the options should work now (no import/export, no bookmarks, no manual, no ‘about’ dialog, the rest should work by now)
    .- html and resources in one file, used ‘inliner’ (node based), but had to modify some things by hand.
    .- Node properties allows to edit inner HTML, so you can modify/edit whatever you want if you know a little HTML & CSS.
    .- You can insert your own icons in every node, doesn’t have a preset list
    .- Your data is embedded in the HTML, save often, changing file name, and you’ll have historical backup.
    .- HTML App save function is preferred, as it won’t add a folder ‘_files’, but both work, and for big files (over 120MBytes), browser ‘Save As’ is more stable (but not much).
    .- There are a lot things to discover XD, you can try to find them (features added unintentionally, I discovered a couple, not documented yet)

    .- Checkbox values can only be modified -outside- ‘editor mode’, but are persisted (‘Editor mode’ is switched with node top right icon, the one with the pencil over the nodes)
    .- Some components aren’t inserted but appended to the note
    .- Can’t change note font easily
    .- Some operations works best if done after writing/editing, for example, text background color, first write what you want, then select the text, and finally change the background color.
    .- Tabs: No tabs, but most browsers allows them, so you can open multiple browser tabs.
    .- Tags: not working, but you can use ‘search in node content’ function and special strings to achieve the funcionality (node content, put ‘[[Source]]’ at the beginning of the note, then when searching, look for ‘[[Source]]’, it will find it)
    .- Attachments: now it’s file read at once, for big files (over 10MBytes), it’s risky at least, incremental read (1MByte chunks) is pending

    .- Import/Export: can be done through C&P, you can copy the node content from Node Properties and paste it wherever you want.
    .- A decent ‘manual’, ‘how-to’ and ‘tips and tricks’ (a few are documented, but in ‘analog paper’ at this moment, and some of them are… awesome… XD)
    .- programmer API, to ease things when you want some ‘hardcore action’ XD.
    .- Online mode.

    It’s usable for me, I’m not planning on evolving it more at this moment, as I prefer to use it as tool and see how it responds over the time. I think this wont be a problem because the project is starting an has only a few users (including me).

    All of this in 0.5MByte file, tested under Chrome, SeaMonkey & Firefox. Edge & IExplorer are out of question at this moment, too hard to port and I’m mainly a Linux user, I use Windows only when playing Mass Effect [].

    It’s FREE (gratis) software, I’m not responsible of anything, You can do whatever you want with it (even sold it as yours, consider it a gift, I don’t want anything in return, even recognition, I’m “served”).

    I’m no web developer, so take it easy with requests and blames (if any).

    Hope you like it.

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    Uploaded v0.3, added a help file (with an older version) and some features. A few bugs are corrected too.



    Uploaded v0.5, I’ll keep testing it.

    Works on: Firefox, Chrome (Windows & Android 7 versions tested), Edge, Seamonkey
    Fails on: IE all versions, Safari and probably everything else not listed above

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