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    I am using CherryTree 0.38.4 in Linux Mint 17 and I have the following questions on tags:

    1) What is the acceptable format for a tag name? Is embedded space like “new zealand” allowed?
    2) What is the separator in a list of tag names?
    3) Is there an operation to delete a tag?





    #1: No problem, you cn use spaces to your liking.

    #2: What do you mean? On which place?

    #3: There is a command for deleting in the context menu and in the tree menu.



    Hi Cosmos,

    I did some test and I want to give a node the following tag name:
    New Zealand
    Book Exchange

    According to you, that I can use spaces to my liking, when I place
    New Zealand Book Exchange
    into the tags field for the properties of a node, it produces tags like this:

    The expected behaviour is:
    New Zealand
    Book Exchange

    and not 4 tokens.

    It seems the algorithm for dealing with tag is to use space as the separator. This observation seems to agree with this forum post: https://www.giuspen.com/topic/tags-for-notes/

    My assertion is further substantiated when I enter this into the tags field:
    tag1, tag2, tag3

    The end result is to produce 3 tag values:

    Not the ending , is consider part of the tag value. If , is a separator, it would have been stripped.

    So it seems yes one can use spaces to one’s liking but that space(s) is considered as a separator and that the current product does not have any way to include embedded space in a tag value like “book exchange”. One would have to use book_exchange.

    With respect to #3, can you be more specific.
    At which context is the context menu has the menu to delete a tag?

    I look up the Tree’s submenu and cannot find any menu item to deal with tags. The closes is “Change node properties” where it has an entry for tags. Which menu item can delete tag?

    Please be reminded that I am using Linux version 0.48.4 in Mint 17.3.





    I have to correct myself, because I misunderstood your question completely. I thought the question is about node names, not tags (my fault). Actually I do not use tags at all, so I cannot answer about that topic.



    It’s very easy, yet not evident 😉

    Just copying from your own example, selecting both lines [Ctrl]+[c], Edit node [F2] and paste [Ctrl]+[v] to the ‘Node Name’ box.

    You should see betwen both terms an strange character box [000A] referred to the usually non visible character ‘Line Feed’ from ASCII table, which does the trick. Press OK button and done!

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