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    Sorry, I was wrong.
    I uploaded a new version and didn’t pay attention to the release date … (



    Hey guys. What is the progress of the cherrytree port? Should I be looking at pygi branch in git or something else? Because last change in pygi seem to be made back in 2017. I am still using KeynoteNF but really want to switch to that cherrytree port.



    No, development is happening here:

    with the C++ bindings for GTK+ 3.
    The PyGObject branch is stalled.

    I was able to build the C++ code on Arch Linux, getting an empty vertical splitted Window.
    Dunno if GTK+ is the way to go unless it builds on iOS and Android.



    Soon I’ll complete the read only milestone, which means the gtkmm3 version will be able to fully display the cherrytree document contents. This should be within 2018. Then I’ll add data save support and subsequently I’ll gradually add all the features.
    For the reasons behind the (conservative) choice of gtkmm3, see

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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