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    Sorry, I was wrong.
    I uploaded a new version and didn’t pay attention to the release date … (


    Hey guys. What is the progress of the cherrytree port? Should I be looking at pygi branch in git or something else? Because last change in pygi seem to be made back in 2017. I am still using KeynoteNF but really want to switch to that cherrytree port.


    No, development is happening here:

    with the C++ bindings for GTK+ 3.
    The PyGObject branch is stalled.

    I was able to build the C++ code on Arch Linux, getting an empty vertical splitted Window.
    Dunno if GTK+ is the way to go unless it builds on iOS and Android.


    Soon I’ll complete the read only milestone, which means the gtkmm3 version will be able to fully display the cherrytree document contents. This should be within 2018. Then I’ll add data save support and subsequently I’ll gradually add all the features.
    For the reasons behind the (conservative) choice of gtkmm3, see


    The read only milestone is complete just before the end of 2018: the gtkmm3 version can now read and display the data of the four cherrytree document types.
    If you want to try and build it, see future/README.


    I raised an important question at and also wrote to the gtk mailing list but got nothing, this is a critical thing if anyone knows of a channel where that could be advertised please go for it.


    I don’t visit the forum as often as I should but I see that there is this roadblock in migrating from gtk2 to gtk3.

    You seem to be hunting for a solution.

    It will be sad if we lose codebox option which is extremely useful feature.


    No worries @eureka, a workaround to the problem was promptly found from @txe who’s helping a lot with the porting since January


    Hi giuspen, the future branch is looking really nice. I was just wondering on when you think it’ll be ready to release? I’d like to make a snap (and maybe a flatpak too) of cherrytree but I’m wondering if I should do that now in the python2.7 state or wait for the C++ version.

    Thanks for all of your work on this app that I love!


    What is the current status of the project?


    Very silent project indeed.
    GTK3 seems to be finally much more complicated than Qt.
    Something will may be happen in 2020, at least an alpha release to give a minimum of confidence on the future of Cherrytree.

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    Hi guys, the porting is in a quite good status actually, you can open, edit and save all document types, manage multiple instances, change preferences, and many functionalities are already fully ported. Note that once you run the Gtkmm3 version you realise how bloody slow the python version is, even though I’m building with zero (-O0) optimisation.
    A big credit for the job is to the GitHub user @txe that made so much quantity and quality stuff, a pity that as misteriously as he started contributing one year ago, as misteriously he disappeared after 7 months.
    The main missing part is the undo/redo Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Y which is the next I’m going to port. Afterwards I will try and organise the roadmap for the first alpha.


    Hi Giuspen,

    The best wishes for 2020!
    Thanks for the update, good to hear you’re making progress.
    I’m looking forware to the alpha 🙂


    Hi Giuspen,

    Cherrytree is awesome ! I would love to use it on OS X someday. Is there any way I can lend you a helping hand ?

    I would sure love to do so if possible.

    I have a mac running OS X High Sierra and another running OS X Mohave,

    Let me know, thank you.

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