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    EDIT: I have tried to edit this topic but it looks like it got deleted during the process for some reason, so I had to post it again.

    1) Codebox cursor icon

    Whenever I navigate the scrollbar of a codebox within the text field of RTF node the mouse pointer remains to be the standart I-beam pointer (I-cursor):

    I-beam pointer

    I would like it to change to regular arrow pointer instead.

    Cursor arrow

    2) Codebox line wrapping.

    It appears that codeboxes share their line-wrapping setting with regular text. I would like their line-wrapping settings to be separate and independent from each other. Ideally I would like to be able to set line-wrapping mode for individual codeboxes, i. e. some should have it on, others off.

    3) Could you add assembly syntax highligting to codeboxes? NASM syntax in particular.

    4) Tables.

    Tables work fine and do what they are generally supposed to do, but they still lack some very useful features, like:

    – ability to merge some cells or rows into one;
    – colored cells;
    – hyperlinks

    Also a few words regarding copying text from websites. Some text formatting is being lost during this process. The most notable thing is the lack of gaps between paragraphs, so usually text is copied in a one big blob, which is a mess. So if I want to copy some useful parts from an article I have to do it manually paragraph by paragraph. Another thing I have noticed are some odd space characters often appearing before or after newly copied paragraphs. So generally copying text from a website requires some editing due to some of formatting being lost, which I would like to avoid.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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