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    Hi Giuspen,

    I think that needs to get transfered to a securred connection (https). In 2017 it is really far from up-to-date state, that users have to provide their credentials on a not secured connection. I ask you to change that.




    good point indeed…. +1




    Also, Firefox shows a warning message before it displays saved account information. See screenshot. Unfortunately, it’s german. It says that the connection is not secure, and account information could be compromised.

    FF Screenshot

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    I asked who is maintaining the website (my brother Angelo) and hopefully he will take care. If I take care personally to do too many things I’ll end up doing everything badly



    Hi Giuseppe,

    at first my (delayed) congratulations for your second child.

    Next my thank to your brother Angelo for supporting https on this side. Saying that, there are improvements doable. At first I wonder, why the main index page is still via http connected. At second there is the problem, that the field at the top of the page leads still to the situation, that the user enters his credentials on a not secured connection. I am aware that there is at the bottom of the page a link in the meta section to log in via a https secured connection, but this is rather hidden and way to circumstantial to reach.

    My suggestion: At best also the main page should get securely connected. If this momentarily to time-intensive to do please move the link to login at the top of the page.

    But my biggest problem with the page after the redesign: With my old eyes I can hardly read here. The reason is the gray font. Most likely you could be my son and so it may be not comprehensible for you, that reading those gray letters can give real pain, but this is the case for me. I really mean pain: headaches.

    My urgent wish to change the font color; this should not be a big task to do.

    Another problem give the links on the page (e. g. to go from the index page to a topic. Alone the light red color is not easy to read, but if I click a link and then go back to the index page, the link is near to invisible. I have at first to click on an empty place on the page to get at least the red color back. My browser is Firefox ESR 52.5.0.

    I hope that at least the color problem can soon get corrected.
    BTW: Here in the edit field I get perfectly readable black letters on white ground; this is the best. At least I can easily read, what I write.

    Thank you in advance,




    I have just tried an experiment.
    In Chromium Browser I installed extension Font Changer

    With this extension you can dynamically set the font and style on any web page to your preference.

    After setting the font for say this forum, just reload your browser to see your choice of font.

    [P.S] I note you are using Firefox so look for a Firefox extension.

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    Here is not the place to discuss the issues with a browser. So only here the note, that I generally do not trust a developer of a FF-extension, who advises to use an older browser version with known severe security leaks.

    A website should be readable by any major browser without the need for tweaks and extensions. I would also never buy a book, where the complete content is printed in light gray letters.

    The point with this site is, that I like CT and I like to support it. But this should not be a pain to do.

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