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    I was a long time user of Treepad but the Linux version was not being updated so I changed to cherrytree quite a while ago (2 years ?) and I have been very pleased. I use it to keep a logbook of various PC’s i.e. Software and Hardware changes. I find cherrytree very easy to use and fairly flexible. I currently have several independent logbooks although I could convert to a single logbook and the portable version, but as yet I have not made the change. Any comments gratefully received.

    But , there is always a “but”, I do miss one feature of Treepad and that is the ability to make named backup copies. I note that the software makes copies

    Rebuild.ctb latest version
    Rebuild.ctb~ next oldest
    Rebuild.ctb~~ 2nd down the line
    Rebuild.ctb~~~ oldest

    I would like Treepad to be able to save a named backup eg. in a separate directory, I normally just increment the name-
    etc. and I do it manually.

    I currently use the Save As command but I can forget to do it or more frequently forget to re-open the main file “Rebuild.ctb” using the recent documents feature, thereby editing the wrong file.

    I am also looking at storing all of my files (bits of information from various places) but these are all .pdfs. I do not need to edit these files but I do need to find them easily and preferably in one location. A related need is to search the main file probably using the title line. If anybody has a suggestion how to do this with Cherrytree. The problem is that one cannot add pdf files directly.

    Best Wishes and Thanks to Guispen for an excellent and very useful program


    If you’re using Windows, then Autohotkey can make backup of your files or probably other scripting languages as well. However I just discovered that CT cannot save files if the already opened file is taken backup of. So as today can’t do – but can take backup of the backup file, or d the copy (backup) prior to CT starting up.

    As for the PDF-files – I suggest you to make a plan on hwow to organize those and how to link to those pdf-files.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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