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    I have recently migrated from Zim.

    A feature that is missing, in my opinion, is that the todo icons are ascii instead of icons. They seem to be too small, and the green-red distinction is not present at all.

    I am willing to try to implement it, if you give me some general directions as to what has to be done!


    Hi, the implementation is not trivial, you should convert the three unicode characters in 3 images when reading from either the XML and SQLite files, then at saving time drop the images and replace them with corresponding unicode chars.
    Furthermore you should implement in copy/paste (clipboard) the plain text target with the proper chars (the other images are instead dropped at this step) and the same in export to plain text.
    Also you should be very careful that in copy/paste using rich text target you will not take the images related to the TODO list as images.


    Hm… It seems quite the task. I’ll give it a try if it doesn’t prove to be too difficult.


    It seems that I lack the time needed to dedicate to the task, unfortunately…

    Thanks for the directions tho, hopefully they will be of use to someone else who might give a go at this.


    Yes it requires some time, for now I cannot promise I will do it but in future if will have some time will improve this.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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