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    I always look for free versions which work on Windows and Ubuntu.

    XMLCopyEditor is my choice

    but you can render XML in other editors such as Atom, Brackets, Sublime.
    I use Atom and Brackets.
    Geany is another.



    Sorry, in my last post, I made a careless typo: I use *.ctb (sqlite) NOT *.ctd (xml)files. So, I have no problem opening multiple sqlite-based CT files. That was simply the point of my post.
    However, your use scenario is different from mine. I don’t often copy stuff from one notebook to another, so I seldom have a need to tile CT windows on-screen, but I can see the potential benefit of tiling windows in your use scenarios. A tabbed interface would be great but I think Giuspen has other more pressing things to do at the moment.


    Klaas Vaak

    OK, thanks Eureka.



    Thanks due to @bazzvn


    Klaas Vaak

    I have nothing against bazzvn but why is thanks due to him/her? You have answered my questions, bazzvn told us of his CT use case.


    Hello to the group,

    For those of you using Windows, it might be of some value to read about and free trial the program TidyTabs.
    It isn’t free for commercial use, but for some of you it might be useful beyond CherryTree.

    For more details see here:

    Instructing TidyTabs to group Cherrytree windows and two running instances of CherryTree I do run the tabbed interface you all were referring to before.

    As I mentioned earlier, might be worth a look as TidyTabs is free for personal use.



    Klaas Vaak

    Yerodin, thanks for this suggestion. TidyTabs will not ensure that more than 1 instance of Cherrytree can be opened. Having said that, I have been able to have more than 1 instance open lately on my Windows machine, so am happy.
    I downloaded TidyTabs & quite like it. It is worth considering the Pro version.


    Klaas Vaak

    Yerodin, thanks. Sorry for the late reply, I tried before but the site did not respond. My more expansive reply is in the box above, in case you have not seen it.

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    Hello Klaas,
    I did see your original reply, and am happy that you might have a use for TidyTabs.
    After trial, I purchased the commercial version and have grown very accustomed to it.

    Anyway, I thought some people might like the implementation, if they know about it.


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