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    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: I feel your pain too. I am pi**ed off that I get to a situation where note formats are not usable elsewhere. I hope Giuseppe will implement export to markdown.
    Good luck with your Herculean task


    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: the way I do it is to click on the “reply” button – top right corner of the comment you want to reply to.
    Then, in the reply box, I atart my comment with @Name, and when I submit my reply the webpage automatically converts it to a red link. No rocket science there ๐Ÿ˜‰



    @Klaas Vaak: Interesting. I had tried this method before and it did not work correctly. I think an extension in that browser (Opera) may have interfered. I’m using Chrome at the moment and it seems to be working correctly.



    Ah ha! STILL no red link! ๐Ÿ˜›



    Wow, this really got a lot of discussion going recently.

    @acry: First, thank you, that is a great idea. I’ve used XSLT in the past, but was considering simply writing code for interchange – perhaps essentially a library that could read the OneNote XML format directly. However, I should consider XSLT because it can be much simpler.

    And, to everyone else, I was just at a conference so it was a bit difficult to respond, but I am very glad to see the discussion as it can help me consider my own approach to this. Later this week, I will begin reading up on the CherryTree format and dabble with an XSLT-based transformation procedure. Is this the latest version of the xml schema you’ve assembled: ?




    @jermeyp โ€“ Have you made progress on your plans for a OneNote to CT converter? This converter will be of great use to me and also to MANY others, now that Microsoft has announced the end-of-life for the current desktop OneNote. See all the irate comments at:

    Microsoft is replacing OneNote with a universal app that only has a small subset of OneNote 2016โ€™s functionality.

    I agree with @acry that writing an XSL Transformation Sheet to convert between the two XML outputs is the best approach.

    But personally, it appears to me that there may not be a need to touch the CherryTree code base to get this working. Extracting the XML from OneNote and doing the XSL conversion can all be done within a separate process. The final converted XML file can then be imported into CherryTree via its existing import menu. A CherryTree (.ctd) file is already an XML formatted file.

    Though it may be minimal, code still needs to be written to generate the XML from OneNote. OneNote does not have an option for exporting XML. But internally, as I am sure you are aware, the OneNote data structures are all XML.

    I started writing some Powershell code to output the XML. I wrote a small script to output a XML document of all the Notebook, Section and Page headers from the current running instance of OneNote. It pretty prints and indents the elements. I can put what I did so far into a Github repo, if you are interested. Were you planning on using C#?

    I am not sure if the conversion process will be as simple as just writing a XSL sheet. The sample XSD for CT is 140 lines with 8 element types. The one for OneNote is 1200 lines long with at least 100 element types. There may be a lot that doesnโ€™t easily convert: lists, tables, internal links, expandable headers, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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