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    This is the idea:
    Diagram of the basic elements and process flow of Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations.

    Here is an easy to pick up tutorial:



    And the whole process can be integrated in the pygtk-branch using
    lxml – XML and HTML with Python

    XPath and XSLT with lxml


    import lxml.etree as ET
    dom = ET.parse(xml_filename)
    xslt = ET.parse(xsl_filename)
    transform = ET.XSLT(xslt)
    newdom = transform(dom)
    print(ET.tostring(newdom, pretty_print=True))


    I added a simple example to my Sandbox:



    My sympathy to your situation with the OneNote interlinks. Sometimes we have to put so much work setting up systems to accomplish the work we’d rather be doing that there’s no time left over to accomplish much of anything we’d like.


    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: right on. I have the additional complication that I used tables a lot in OneNote, which means that it is highly unlikely I will be able to extract that info in an automated fashion for transfer to CT. So, any notes I would want to migrate I would basically have to copy/paste everything :-((

    Someone once said to me that the best way to keep notes is to keep them in plain text because that way they can be moved to any other system and are always accessible. I did not really understand the issue and value of that advice properly, but since being confronted with a potential migration out of OneNote I do.

    If I had to start note-taking all over again I would put all my notes in Markdown. There is what I consider to be one of the best Markdown apps, Typora, which makes writing fun. I use it in combination with CuteMarkEd. I have decided to not make any documents in Word anymore, I do it all in Markdown. Once I get into that, I wouldn’t want to go back to Word, esp. since I the features I use are available in Md.



    Markdown seems to be everyone everywhere’s favorite. I’m going to look at Typora. I’ve only ever used very little markdown…I am definitely no expert.

    The whole problem is that OneNote, Word, all these very polished note taking programs, make my notes look so good, that I hate to reduce it in any way. I’m a very visual person, and half the quality and effectiveness of good notes to me is how they look.

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    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: I sympathise with you being “visual”, I am like that to, I like something, whether that be text, graph, a table or whatever, to be presented nicely, even if it is only for myself.

    Many/most markdown programs, e.g. Markdowpad, have 2 panes: an editor pane and a preview pane next to each other. Typora is both in 1. When you type the markdown characters you see them, when you move away from the word is changes it automaticaly to preview. Visually I find it more pleasing & attractive. Once you get used to markdown, which does not take long, you won’t want to go back to Word or OneNote.

    And I find Cherrytree a lot better and more satisfying to use than OneNote. Giuseppe is supposed to add a markdwon export feature to CT, although I think that is quite far down the line because he has not even completed the GTK/Py porting yet.



    I am definitely going to examine the programs you mentioned after I complete the Herculean task of transferring all of my current notes.

    I have run into an issue with transferring notes containing pictures. Cherrytree does not like that. If there are more than one or two images in a note I have to copy and paste the images individually.

    I haven’t determined yet if it’s a file size limitation or if it’s just that.jpg and.png files are a problem. Gifs seem to do okay, but they’re also small.

    I haven’t taken the time to post a bug report because I really need to get some work done ha ha.

    It’s 10:30 pm here, so time to stack up some z’s. I imagine you are in Europe or thereabouts (?) so have a nice day.


    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: good morning for when you get to your PC after a good night’s rest 🙂

    I am curious: how are you transferring your notes from 1N to CT, by manually copy/pasting?



    Good morning!

    Not copy/pasting, using that Evernote process I described before, exporting from there into a multi-folder HTML file. I did try the .mht OneNote export, and noticed that the .mht was much smaller than the HTML file, almost 1/3 smaller. It may be a false impression, but I felt that the bigger file would preserve more detail in the graphical notes. Strictly a casual thought, no research into that at all.

    So, rather than spending even MORE time on this conversion I decided to just go with the Evernote HTML. The note structure is mostly there, with only a few odd changes from the original, easily fixed in a few seconds.

    The pain hasn’t been from the export process, but trying to get everything to import. For those notes that don’t I’m setting them aside for manual piece-by-piece import. They are primarily notes where I’ve taken some photos for reference in future projects.



    Sorry! Good afternoon!

    My GMT time offset isn’t correct, and I can’t find in the forum settings where to adjust it. 🙂



    Something is going on with my post. It didn’t appear for me, so I am reposting.

    @Klaas_Vaak: Well, I’ve had to modify my transfer process from OneNote to Cherrytree. For notebooks with large images it’s become too problematic to do bulk export-imports, so I have resorted to copy-pasting each note. A very few notebooks were simply text notes, so I did export-import them, but I’m still in for hours of work.

    Also, I must make a correction. I did have to supply account credentials to Evernote to use the app even though I am not syncing to the cloud. I did not notice because the account I had emptied and given up on two years ago was still active, and my credentials were still in the app. Sorry for that misleading bit.


    Klaas Vaak

    @kbtidwell: oddly I received both our posts by email, though only the 2nd one is shown here; oh well ….

    I also had an email account till a few years ago. The odd thing is that the account-closing process is s long and convoluted that most people, incl. me, don’t go through it and just do the 1st bit, some sort of porch door clsure but not a front door closure. So your account is never really closed that way.

    Pity to hear about your image hassles. Sounds like you’re in for a long ride 🙁

    Having experienced 3 note-taking progs, this is what I have learned:

    * don’t use internal links, i.e. links within a file – they get broken in a transfer
    * keep image in separate files, just make links to them
    * make sure decent export possibilities exist
    * don’t use proprietary file formats/extensions

    All that adds up to: use plain text or markdown files.



    As to my posts, I had posted the first one then decided to add your name callout (the “@” stuff, though I have something wrong there apparently), so I edited and re-posted. That worked correctly, but I wasn’t happy with how I had written the callout (“@Klaas Vaak), so I re-edited and made it, “@Klaas_Vaak”, which is still wrong because your name doesn’t have the red link highlight to it. When I posted that edit, the post actually disappeared.

    I did a BACK manuever, tried it again…no joy. Then I BACK’ed, copied the contents for a new post so I wouldn’t have to remember what I wrote, then posted the last one. A glitch in the forum mechanics related to editing I suppose.

    I know that the time I’ll have involved in copy-pasting every note is more than enough to complete a course in markdown, but I’m in such a frustrated rush to actually get back to real work that I’m going to put my head down and bully through it by brute force. I’ve vowed to go back at another time though (I made a note to do it ha ha!) and thoroughly examine those programs/apps you mentioned before.

    A side note: I’m old enough where I have problems knowing whether or not to call software “apps” or “programs” now. Judgement call I guess, but it seems younger folks JUST KNOW ha. If I mention DIP switches to them they think I’m calling them names. 🙂

    By the way, sounds like you’re also in for a long ride concerning your tables you mentioned before…I feel your pain.



    Going back to your name as a callout though…what is the proper way on this forum to add that “@[NAME]” at the beginning of the post? As I said, I tried simply typing it both with and without a SHIFT-SPACE between the two parts of your name, but neither worked. I can’t find an icon to click to auto-generate it either.


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