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    The HTML export option is not retaining all indentations and spacing…

    After checking the “View Source” option in the browser, the exported html page does include the same spacing as in the notes, but it’s not reproduced properly in the browser — it’s only present in the html source.

    To reproduce:

    1) Create new note

    2) Type a few lines or add a code block that has every line indented with typical code structure

    3) indent some lines, then indent some more

    4) make another line of text…insert multiple spaces between text

    5) export to html

    result: for #3: indents do not show up (and even if they do, the entire paragraph is indented and only to 1 level. for #4: only 1 space shows up, even though multiple spaces are present in html code.

    i’ve tried different combinations of formatting and settings but to no avail.

    is there a specific way to get html export to reproduce indents exactly?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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