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    is it possible, in some way, to read properly the files on Android?
    I’ve tried with a Xml reader, but simply doesn’t put the titles (name) on the nodes.
    Tried without success with the schema xsd published by Acry.

    Some ideas?

    thank you



    a Schema does check validity only; if proper types are in it and how often they appear in which order.
    What you want is an XSL transformation file. With those you can transform to and from any format.

    XSLT is not the easiest thing to do. I set up a demo and introduction in my repo.
    I spent quite some time on it. I am only payed to work on CT for the next two weeks. After that I won’t have much time to work on CT, I will do it occasionally since I use CT myself.
    The Schema only supports the transformation and my schema needs more love.

    My biggest issue is the live usage of the xml dom, it breaks performance after a couple of thousands notes. Right now I push my sql stuff to my demo repo. e.g. how to reflect a treestore to sqlite, reading any sqlite into a treestore.
    I am about to implement a closure table in an sqlite only version of CT, which writes parent-child relationships in a closure-table and makes it way easier to reflect the tree (deep forest).
    I think XML is the way to go when it comes to transformation, but not during runtime.
    If we manage to write proper XSL one doesn’t need to fire CT for import/export.
    Every XSLT implementation will do it.

    I highly doubt I will be in time to write an android client with a hybrid framework.
    However since i am in need of an Android client myself, I will push any progress to my repo.

    For now I think you want an html export.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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