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    How to open two cherrytree for different file ?

    I did’t find any option like “mutil instance”




    File -> New window
    I have CT 0.37.6 in Ubuntu (with Russian interface)



    Note that Cherrytree allows a filepath as argument in command line usage.

    In a command terminal run the command cherrytree ---help
    to view the options.

    cherrytree --help
    usage: cherrytree [-h] [-n NODE] [-x EXPORT_TO_HTML_DIR]
                      [-t EXPORT_TO_TXT_DIR] [-w]
    positional arguments:
      filepath              Optional CherryTree Document to Open
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -n NODE, --node NODE  Node Name to Focus
      -x EXPORT_TO_HTML_DIR, --export_to_html_dir EXPORT_TO_HTML_DIR
                            Export to HTML at Specified Directory
      -t EXPORT_TO_TXT_DIR, --export_to_txt_dir EXPORT_TO_TXT_DIR
                            Export to Text at Specified Directory
      -w, --export_overwrite
                            Overwrite Existing Export

    So you could create a bash script to launch multiple CherryTree files in different windows.

    If (in Ubuntu) you install whiptail you can have an interactive dialogue in the command terminal to select the CherryTree files to be opened.

    Then optionally you could use X Tile (also available from Giuseppe web site) to position the windows.

    Here is an alternative approach I now use

    Create a fresh CherryTree file (blank).

    Create a node named index.

    Now go to Edit > Insert/Edit Link.

    Name the link to be the name of the CherryTree file to be launched.

    Press OK and in popup window and from the four options select File option.

    Select the CherryTree file to be launched in a separate windows.

    You can repeat this process to have an index of windows to be opened from a list of links.

    There was a discussion here …

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