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    I am using Cherry Tree (0.38.4) in Linux Mint 17 and I have a question in relation to how to indent a paragraph.

    I have the “Enable Automatic Identation” checked and I therefore I can expect I can indent a paragraph in the similar way or appearance to that in say LibreOffice Writer.

    My understanding of indentation is to format the paragraph so that all lines (in the paragraph) are lined up in the nominated left hand margin.

    1) What is the key to indent an existing paragraph?
    2) When I press tap key on the left hand margin of the first line in a paragraph, it only insert a tab. It does nothing to the subsequent lines in that paragraph. What have I done wrong?
    3) After 2, if I go to the end of the paragraph and then pressing enter key, the editor place my cursor at the ‘ident’ position but it still does not change the left hand margin for subsequent lines in that paragraph.
    4) So what is the meaning of “Enable Automatic Indentation”?





    Automatic indentation means, that in case the current paragraph starts further right, the following paragraphs start at the same position. To set the start position for a new paragraph you need to press the space bar once or multiple time.



    Hello Cosmo,

    Thanks for the response. That is what I have encountered. But my question is:

    How do you get all lines in the same paragraph to line up on the left to the some margin (4 spaces or a tab stop)? (Go to LibreOffice Write and try indent a paragraph).

    Here is an example.
    Unindented text:
    “It was just for too long going up and up and up,” he said. “Ether, in two months, went up from $300 to $1,300. That’s absurd. Just crazy.”

    Indented text:
    “It was just for too long going up and up and up,” he said.
    “Ether, in two months, went up from $300 to $1,300. That’s
    absurd. Just crazy.”

    I think that is a very well understood layout result of indentation. At the moment, only the first line of the paragraph is “indented” while the remaining lines are wrap to the left margin.

    How can I do that? In KeepNote, I simply use the tab key and the whole paragraph is indented.




    I just came here to ask about this very thing, as I do a lot of multi-level outlining. AFAICS, the best that can be done presently is to set a healthy amount of Line Wrapping Indentation under Prefs/Text and Code. At some indent levels it works ok, but it’s far from ideal.



    Thanks for your solution. Indentation is nothing new and one would have expected CT with all the features would incorporate this.

    Try KeepNote as it does this with one key press.


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