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    While I know there’s still a significant portion of work to do on the porting effort, I’d like to request two fairly chunky features. Honestly, I’m just happy this project exists as it makes my notes management so much easier – but these would make it that bit easier for me!

    1) the ability to put in footnotes/referencing – this could either be in the bottom of a node or as a daughter node maybe? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure, but as a student keeping their notes and creating coursework in Cherrytree, it would be amazing to get this functionality. Honestly, this may well be superscript numbers that are hyperlinks to specific areas of a references node, or it might be more complex.

    2) I run about three machines and would love one central Cherrytree notes file open at one time on multiple devices. I’m not a technical user so something like git is beyond me. The ability to maybe store it on an FTP server or something similar and more user-friendly, and then have multiple computers access it or update it would be amazing.

    Thanks again for the amazing tool. I’ve now been using it for a good few years and I’m not sure how I managed before!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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