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    As in the topic I would appreciate having an option to cycle the order of open windows just as I can now reverse it. Cycling has the advantage that if I have a larger place, with cycling I would be able to get any window in this spot while with reversing the order I can just have two windows to fit there alternatively. I miss this feature after switching from stiler.py.

    By the way, big thanks for this little app. It makes using Xfce much more productive.



    I will see if will find some time for this interesting feature in the next months, the idea is good.


    I made a simple patch
    I don’t know how to place attachments on this forum so i put a link
    It also includes a Polish translation.

    Dominik Wójt


    you made a great job, I included it as you can see in x-tile development version (http://www.giuspen.com/x-tile/#dev). Be careful that the system tray icon is not working good when running from source. In the next days I’ll contact the translators and hopefully will release the new version soon. thank you, cheers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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