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    Firstly, I tried many dual pane editors & outliners incl. ConnectedText Scrivener etc, about 25! CherryTree is my favourite for quick note taking due to interface and usefulness. I have it with dark blue background which is near enough to dark mode (night).

    Now I do use a few apps on android where I do half my note taking. I use Simple Mind (mindmapping) and also Outliner pro and NoteLynx pro which is also an outlining app. I need to import the notes I have written on CherryTree into Android Outliner or NoteLynx. I tried various XML converters but they do not work well with CherryTree XML. I tried numerous other methods. I found the best way was:

    1* Export all nodes (right-mouse-click, select all) to a PDF and then node titles are conveniently in BOLD font. Exporting as txt loses bold but selecting all text in PDF Foxit reader and copying and then pasting in Windows WordPad, shows node names as bold. Cool. So now I can have an RTF file with nodes titles in bold. However it also copies PDF Page Numbers which CherryTree generates. Can we have a toggle tickbox switch in PDF export so we can choose to leave out page number generation?

    2* Second request is to have either of following formats as export since current ones are not working for many apps/programs. Anyone should be great as long as it is generic basic format of that genre:

    Bonsai CSV
    (currently not working for me as XML)

    Reason is so the nodes are separated within one file and can be easily imported into numerous apps/softwares. Because this will open up CherryTree use to many platforms and larger user base.

    Right now I will be testing to see if there are CSV converters which can take multiple txt files generated by CherryTree and form a single file with multiple nodes fields in the table.

    Thanks again for the superb work.
    PS. A single toggle switch for night mode (grey text on black backgrounds) would be cool too.


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    Update on Night Mode:

    I got the light grey text on black backgrounds on both panes. For some reason choosing foreground (text) & background click and choose was not working (Win10). So basically do:

    Edit (menu): Preferences (Top option)
    Click: Rich Text (3rd option in left tabs):
    Custom Background: Click on Colour-Picker: (black) Typed in: #000000
    Pressed return and saved
    and Text Colour Picker: Typed in (light grey): #CCCCCC
    Pressed return and saved
    Click: Tree1 (5th option in left tabs): did same #000000 & #CCCCCC

    Gives you black backgrounds on both panes and light grey font


    Forgot: If we do get any additional Export Format options, please include it also for Imports too.

    Thanks again.

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    I tested a couple of OPML exports from 2 apps: NoteLynx and Outliner apps on android. Hopefully a good OPML import/export format for Cherrytree will make it interface with many apps on android iOS and other windows Linux apps. Because it will take data in/out from them and other mobile apps.

    I tested a simple outline note with 2 nodes.

    Case 1:
    OPML format exported by NoteLynx app

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <opml version="2.0">
        <outline text="Node 1" _note="This text of node one here.<br>Second line."/>
        <outline text="Node 2" _note="Text of node two, line one.<br>And second line."/>

    This did not work with a few apps I tried. Seems minimal but not functional. Notice closed head/ with no opener, no outline nae etc.

    This did not even have a subnode for any node.


    Case 2:
    OPML format exported by Outliner app

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
    <opml version="2.0">
        <outline text="Node 1" _note="Text of node one.
    Second line." />
        <outline text="Node 2" _note="Text of node two.
    Second line of it.">
          <outline text="Child of node 2" _note="Text of sub node of node 2
    It's second line" />

    This OPML markup detail worked well. Imported fine into few apps, even into NoteLynx itself.

    Further more, it has subnodes, child node for node 2. The subnodes were imported fine too.

    The title for this example was NoteNameblurb.
    expansionState can be as is, or whatever within OPML parameters.

    Please if adding OPML Import/Export, use this simple format. It works with most softwares and platforms and is simple and works great with subnodes too.

    Thanks for reading this request. 🙂

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    Reporting back:

    1) CherryTree’s: Multi txt files to CSV:
    tried many apps & wares (Excel Openoffices etc etc):
    Imports with many ways & converters but usable? No Cigar. Gave up.

    2) CherryTree’s AllNodes > PDF to OPML:
    Again tried mucho, no joy.
    Others seemed to have same prob:

    Keep Hope Alive 🙂

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    Below is also another format used by numerous Android, iOS, Linux and Windows apps for importing exporting data. It has 2 short nodes with second having a child subnode. Each has 2 short lines. The famous now discontinued Natara software: “Bonsai CSV” format which is still widely used:

    "Node 1","0","1","0","0","2","0","","","","","Unfiled","","","Text of node one.
    Second line."
    "Node 2","0","1","0","0","2","0","","","","","Unfiled","","","Text of node two.
    Second line of it."
    "Child of node 2","0","1","1","0","2","0","","","","","Unfiled","","","Text of sub node of node 2
    It's second line"


    I just saw on the Dev’s TODO list:

    * export/import text with indentation, each tab marking a level

    This Text_Tree markup is also widely used by apps to import nodes and subnodes correctly. And of course each line is a node or subnode.



    As said, I input a lot of info on the go with my android phone. I’ve been trying tens of various Android outline apps, including these 3 below which are the best in my tests:

    * Outliner
    * NoteLynx
    * Inforapid Knowledge base

    The last one is a scientific mindmap with a very graphic UI and also lets views of lists/cards. I tried free versions of these 3 then I bought all 3. All are good.

    But I found a fourth app to be the best. I tried the free version and bought the pro too. Not only it has the best interface letting you do everything from moving nodes and subnodes around, it has the best import export too. It is called Halna and the dev has a mindmap app too (free + donation to remove ads). The mindmap app can be launched from Halna and auto opens the file in either: mindmap or outline in Halna. The files are interchangeable. He recently also released a fre CVS editor.

    The import/export format can be very simple, just make a txt file and levels of subnodes is a simple . at beginning of line, the more dots (.) the deeper the level of subnode, simple format:

    Any word(s) after a blank line is a node name
    .xxxxx where xxxxx is your text is text of node
    ..yyyyy where yyyyy is text of your subnode of above node
    …zzzzz where zzzzz=text of subnode of above subnode

    Simply change .txt extnesion to .hol, eg: myoutline.hol
    Then can open it in Halna or Halna_Mindmap

    This is the sample file of his mindmap which you can open in Halna outline app too, you can ignore rsv parametres in making .hol files as they are optional:

    .Quick Start Guide		rsv,-170,-112,0,26,ffffff,0000ff,000000
    ..Topics		rsv,270,54,0,16,ffffcc,ff5151,000000
    You can create and modify topics by 
    'Tapping' (and choose menu items)
    and some other actions
    ...Dragging		rsv,242,-17,0,16,ffe6cc,ff5151,000000
    You can add or move topics by dragging a topic
    ....Mode		rsv,177,31,0,16,ffe6cc,ff5151,000000
    There are two dragging modes which are
    'Add' mode and 'Move' mode
    It is indicated by the button at the left bottom of the screen
    Tapping the button will turn the mode
    .....Add		rsv,144,48,0,16,ffe6cc,ff5151,000000
    When in 'Add' mode
    a new topic will be added
    .....Move		rsv,137,-67,0,16,ffe6cc,ff5151,000000
    When in Move mode
    topics will be moved
    ...Tapping		rsv,142,-203,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Show Option Menu
    ....Edit		rsv,-120,-7,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Edit title and memo of a topic
    ....Add		rsv,-81,-74,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Add a new topic
    ....Copy		rsv,-23,-99,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Copy a topic and its descendants
    After this you can paste them to another topic
    ....Paste		rsv,46,-117,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Paste topics that are copied
    ....Properties		rsv,131,-114,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Color of 'text', 'border', 'background' can be changed
    Text size can be chosen from 'Large', 'Medium', 'Small'
    These properties can be applied to the descendants
    ....Fold		rsv,232,-81,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Hide the descendants
    To show them again, tap the topic
    ....Delete		rsv,267,-22,0,16,e6ffcc,ff5151,000000
    Delete a topic and all its descendants
    ...Long Pressing		rsv,282,190,0,16,cce6ff,ff5151,000000
    Turn Dragging Mode temporarily
    ....Add -> Move		rsv,12,86,0,16,cce6ff,ff5151,000000
    In 'Add' mode,
    Long pressing and dragging will move a topic
    ....Move -> Add		rsv,168,59,0,16,cce6ff,ff5151,000000
    In 'Move' mode
    Long pressing and dragging will add a new topic
    ...Double Tapping		rsv,139,295,0,16,e6ccff,ff5151,000000
    Edit title and memo of a topic
    ...Properties		rsv,-165,183,0,16,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    ....Text size		rsv,-128,169,0,16,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    Text size can be chosen from
    .....Medium		rsv,-148,-41,0,16,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    Medium size
    .....Small		rsv,-144,24,0,10,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    Small size
    .....Large		rsv,-147,-111,0,26,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    Large size
    ....Colors		rsv,67,154,0,16,cccccc,ff5151,000000
    The color of the following can be changed
    .....Text color		rsv,104,-86,0,16,cccccc,ff5151,ff0000
    .....Border color		rsv,101,-6,0,16,cccccc,006600,000000
    .....Background color		rsv,100,68,0,16,a3d1ff,ff5151,000000
    ...Double Tapping the background		rsv,226,-98,0,16,ffffff,ff5151,000000
    A new root topic will be added
    ...Drag&Drop		rsv,251,102,0,16,cccc00,ff5151,000000
    When you drag a topic on another topic and drop it, the topic will move as its child.
    ..Create a new map		rsv,-354,137,0,16,cce6ff,336600,000000
    Tap 'New Map' on the Main screen
    and enter a name of the new map
    ..Appearance		rsv,-270,-101,0,16,000000,cc6600,ffffff
    ...Background color		rsv,-208,-59,0,16,000000,cc6600,ffffff
    Color of a map can be changed by
    choosing 'background color' in App Menu
    ..Import		rsv,-354,232,0,16,e6ffcc,00ff00,663300
    Halna Mind can import FreeMind format files
    Tap 'Import' on the main screen
    and choose the file you want to import
    ..Export		rsv,-358,329,0,16,e6ffcc,00ff00,663300
    Halna Mind can export maps in FreeMind format
    1. open a map you want to export
    2. tap 'Export' in App Menu
    ..Open with HalnaOutliner		rsv,-458,12,0,16,ffcccc,ff8000,000000
    'Halna Outliner' is an outliner app for Android Phone and Tablet
    Its file format is same as 'Halna Mind'
    So you can open the same file sometimes with 'Halna Outliner'
    and sometimes with 'Halna Mind' 
    'Open with Halna Outliner' in App Menu
    (or the button on Action bar)
    will open the map you are seeing,
    with 'Halna Outliner' (if it is installed)
    .Please tap double these topics to see explanations		rsv,-160,-190,0,16,ffffff,ffffff,ff0000

    It will be good for Cherrytree to have this simple dots(.) format where number of dots equals level of subnodes. Allows importing Halna files but also allows converting other formats in Halna to .hol and import into Cherrytree.

    Try if for free:


    Install halna mindmap too and open its help file (I coded above) and switch it to halna outline app by pressing icon and move nodes subnodes around by arrow icons, and check import/export options:


    I thoroughly recommend the simple dots (.) format of halna for oultiner devs as it is simple and using halna as a gateway can import/export other formats too.

    Can we have this simple dots format used for Cherrytree so we can import our android data into Cherrytree?



    Example of .hol format which is the easiest I have seen from many.

    * Make a txt file and change extension from .txt to .hol
    * For each level, node name add a . (dot) at start
    * For each subnode level add another . (dot) at start

    Each node/subnode can be multi lines and rsv parameters & ALL Else generated by app are optional. Opens in both Halna and HalnaMind(map). So for example this outline:

    ->node 1
    –>This is subnode of node 1
    —>subnode of subnode 1

    ->Second node
    ->My subnode 1 of node 2
    –> Subnode of subnode
    —>third level subnode
    —->fourth level subnode
    –>My 2nd subnode of node 2
    —>subnode of 2nd subnode

    is simply coded as:

    >node 1
     >This is subnode of node 1
      >subnode of subnode 1
    >Second node
     >My subnode 1 of node 2
      > Subnode of subnode
       >third level subnode
        >fourth level subnode
     >My 2nd subnode of node 2
      >subnode of 2nd subnode

    I still use NoteLynx Pro app & Outliner Pro as well as Halna outliner (cant remember exact name, link above) Pro and also bought his (is he Japanese? looks as good as the legendary Bonsai Natari outliner now disappeared & defunct but his format still much used for import/export format as one of the best outliner formats. Was he Japanese?) Halna Mind map (again exact name in one of links above).

    I also tried about 20 other android apps and also about 40 windows outliner apps. I recommend you guys buying all 4 above apps, cheapish, if you are outline freaks like me. On windows I have pinned quite a few to my taskbar. I bought Scrivener (for writers / screenwriters PhDs etc) which is not cheap but not bad and their Scapple map too. SimpleMind Pro (or free) on android is still my best mindmapper on the go and free and pro is cheap, they have windows version too but not cheap. I have both.

    For Wiki like COMPLEX structures I use ConnectedText and RightNote for windows but they are not cheap and ConnectedText can be unnecessarily complex to use. Recently I found a free Wiki outline maker which is even better than ConnectedText and RightNote and unlike them it is not pricey but free. See link below and get it kids. For first stop fast writing CherryTree is still my fave with balck backgrounds and light grey text, after choosing colors in prefs, press return to activate colors.

    I do think the .hol format should be adopted by CherryTree and either kept as .hol or given a new name, then we can import export android apps data easily. It is a simple yet superb format and with Halna app (free or paid) we can convert to other formats too and opens up huge possibilities for CherryTree beyond cbt & xml which never worked for me despite trying over 40 windows apps.

    For complex wiki or DB based projects, here is Outwiker which is not pricey like ConnectedText or RightNote or Scrivener (all of which I use) but is free and open source, get it:


    My first choice for starting a project is still CherryTree but I need to import notes from my A?ndrpoid mobile devices. Most notes on the phone are made in my ColorNote app, color categorized. Still best note app on android, the long defunct extensive_niotes_pro is much more complex and my second choice on android for note taking, NOT outlining though as they don’t do that.



    Sorry I pasted the outliner as it appears twice above, does not let me edit last post, the actual .hol file is simply:

    .node 1
    ..This is subnode of node 1
    ...subnode of subnode 1
    .Second node
    ..My subnode 1 of node 2
    ... Subnode of subnode
    ....third level subnode
    .....fourth level subnode
    ..My 2nd subnode of node 2
    ...subnode of 2nd subnode


    Above example txt file saved as .hol Opens up in both Halna outline app or his Halna Mind(map) app & switches between both apps by an icon button.

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    Here is a recent thread I posted on another app, on how crucial and easy OPML import/export is:


    Quite easy format, can be summed up in one line, nested outline tag with _note & Text parameters. Might be useful to link here.



    Thew issue of exporting to one or multi formats was solved. Not by any change in CherryTree! No export, not a single one, despite making CT insularly dead otherwise.

    However As of version 4.3.5, Notecase Pro imports Cherrytree files, nodes and subnodes structure and all, very well. Then it can export to a multitude of formats.

    However Since 2016, date of this thread, I had moved to Notecase Pro anyway. I am glad no export made me take up Notecase pro. It is simply superb, and now my main note taker. Have done so much with it since.

    Anyone needs to export their CT structured files, use Notecase Pro and then you can export it to numerous formats. Then pull your notes into whatever other software.

    Thanks again for not a single word of reply in this thread, or similar ones by others, which made me discover Notecase Pro.

    Thanks for all the fish, so long, well since a year ago anyway. 🙂

    Hope this helps someone who might have been stuck with their notes in CT.

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