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    The x-tile works great. It’s really really useful (especially on notebook’s screen – where sometimes it’s hard to have everything (or many things) visible).
    However I have a strange windows sizes when using Custom Tile Set. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    What I do is:
    1. I open 2 windows and make them Tiled Horizontally (using button “Tile Horizontally The Checked Windows”). Everything is great – works without problems. Screen is split on two equal parts.
    2. Then I choose “Tile” -> “Custom Tile Set” and then I press “Update”. So basically if I understand it properly – it should (in this situation) just override the same windows sizes as automatic splitting I used firstly. I press “OK”. And then – when I choose “Execute Custom Tile” – it makes both windows smaller.
    It leaves about 1 cm above the windows and about 0,2 cm below them.
    Should I change something in “Preferences”. Probably “Override Monitor 1 Tile Area”. This option is unchecked in my options.
    I tried to check that option and then to:
    – put X and Y position on 0,
    – size as 1280 x 800 (thats my screen real size).
    – or size as 1280 x 752 (that is 800 – 24×2 (for both panels)).
    Maybe I should set it in some other way?


    I’m unable to reproduce the error here, it works as you expect.

    Can you give me a bit more information about your system, for example what window manager you are using?, 32/64bit? distro? etc



    I’m using Ubuntu 32bit 10.04 with gnome 2.30.2.

    I have noticed that after pressing Update button, there are grey areas above and below red and green rectangles.
    I made a screenshot.

    Wow I just found out, that when I use Chrome to save windows positions – all works as expected!
    So when I use two windows – for example Nautilus and Chrome – and I save their position (when each of them occupies half of the screen width and all the height) – that red and green rectangles are different. Rectangle showing Chrome is higher than one showing Nautilus.
    I tried Nautilus, SMplayer, Eye of Gnome, even other browsers – Opera and Firefox – and all of them do not really “produce” maximized to height rectangles. All except Chrome.

    So probably there must be something wrong with my setting and not with x-tile.


    Ah Ha! now I see what the problem is –

    Basically chrome throws away the standards and decorates the window itself (title bar etc) we need to check for this when making the custom area, in the mean time thanks for working out that the issue was with chrome – many thanks…!


    Okay the problem *really* showed itself once I briefly enabled compiz!

    The fix is in svn now and will soon appear in the next file release, thanks for taking the time to do some investigation which gave me the vital clue!

    I’d forgotten to allow for decoration sizes when getting the window geometry for custom layouts…


    Yes, I have enabled (under Appearance Preferences) option “Extra” – so probably Compiz is working.

    And just to clear my results: x-tile works with Chrome just as it should and all the other applications (all that I checked of course) have their size smaller. And that “wrong” size is that – top of their windows is just under the top bar of any other maximized (maximized “by hand”) window.

    To bypass this – I just used Chrome to save proper custom windows positions and then I could use that Custom Tile to any other windows to make their sizes proper.

    And once again – thanks for amazingly useful soft!


    Just to clear it.
    When using this standart option “Tile vertically the checked windows” on OpenOffice – it also makes the lower window size not big enough (there is a gap about 1cm between the window and a lower panel).

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