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    If I leave Cherrytree up and running, yet not in actual use, such as when stepping away from the computer for lunch or a shower, do autosaves continue in the background?

    If so, why? If no data has changed, then there is no need to waste upload bandwidth, time, or drive wear on needless saves.

    Can this behavior be changed other than by extending the autosave interval?

    I have also observed that each autosave is the same size (at least up to now), no matter how many notes I’ve entered. Does Cherrytree form some arbitrary array size and save that no matter if it’s full or not? Is there a way to condense the file sizes?

    I don’t mean to come across as twitchy about these details, but not having blazing upload speeds and of course not wanting to prematurely wear out my storage drives has me thinking about such things.



    CT won’t write if there are no changes.

    ls -hali pygtk2.ctb
    5901339 -rw-r--r-- 1 carsten users 1.2M Nov  7 21:30 pygtk2.ctb

    ps -o etime= -p "4110"
    It is open since 18:03:57 hours.



    Thank you for that answer.



    You are welcome!
    I worked on an autosave feature in my GLSL Shader Editor which works on Filesystem changes instead querying a timer. On Linux it works like a charm because Linux implemented inotify and epoll, but I found already solutions (which I didn’t implement yet) for other platforms.

    -Cass, aka Acry



    Another question relating to syncing: Here is my setup…

    I have Cherrytree set to keep three backup versions in my Google Drive folder on my computer, which is then auto-synced to the cloud. I will call them 1, 2, and 3.

    Thinking about how the backup system works, I see the process like this: When I revise my notes on my computer and save them, the primary .ctb file is uploaded, and then I presume a backup of that is saved as the “new” file named “1”. The OLD “1” then changes to “2”, and the old “2” to “3”. The old “3” is presumably deleted.

    What I seem to see happen in my Google Drive client window is that every one of these files are being uploaded each time a backup occurs, but to my way of thinking, only the main .ctb file and backup “1” should upload. The other backups should simply be renamed, with the old “3” being trashed.

    By renaming these files instead of re-uploading, the time spent uploading would of course be greatly reduced. Can someone tell me if the process is actually happening as I seem to see it happening (all files being uploaded in stead of renaming the unchanged files), or is the process REALLY happening the more efficient way?

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