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    cherrytree V0.38.7
    System: Manjaro XFCE (up-to-date)
    System: Win10 – same results as described here:

    I am trying out cherrytree for the first time and it looks promising in
    many ways but the dark-themed text areas make my eyes water, and are probably
    a show-stopper for me if I can’t change them.

    So I found the menu: Edit=>Preferences=>Plain Text and Code=>Style Scheme, where five schemes are available: classic, cobalt, kate, oblivion, tango

    After trying each of these in turn, exiting and restarting the app each time,
    no change was seen at all. It’s just the same dark blue background with white text, whatever option I choose.

    Those five alternatives seem to be there to provide different colour schemes, but for me they don’t. With the same result on two completely different systems.

    What could be wrong? Or what am I missing? Any suggestions?

    Best Regards, coffeetickle


    There are theme settings for both Plain Text and Code and Rich Text. Settings in the Plain Text and Code menu do not affect Rich Text nodes. If you’re trying to change the theme for Rich Text nodes you should select a different theme in the Rich Text preferences menu.

    Was that your problem?


    As a matter of fact yes. That was exactly what I was missing apparently.
    And I found I can change background and text colours for rich text without
    needing to restart the app. Easy when you know it, and thanks for the help

    It seems confusing though with separate theme settings per type of content.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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