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    Can I disable this new feature open file → “Open Remove from list”. It only forces me to click twice instead of once. I preferred the old way.

    I don’t see any advantage of this over the old list. Taking into account that only 10 documents are visible it is enough work normally and to open documents and eventually the not valid entry will be replaced (if someone has more than 10 documents.

    Not limiting the list to 10 documents would be more useful solution, so that I would not have to open window to open files. The less mouse clicks the better.


    Or perhaps better solution would be to use click on link to open, as it was before. I mean without using open option. This open option (with icon) could be removed from application and only leave option remove. Option remove is activated without clicking on link but only when mouse is moved to the right. So everyone should be satisfied and have all functionality but mouse clicks / moves will be limited, which is good.

    It is rather rare situation (at least for me) when user want to remove document entry.


    I also don’t like the change; it is inconvenient and awkward to use.

    I think a better way is to revert back to click on filename in the list to open it as before, but add a Right-click context menu on the filename in the list with options to open or remove from list.

    If that isn’t possible, then just add a separate option to allow editing/removing items from the list of recent filenames, maybe under preferences.



    Correct me if I am wrong, but I get the impression that idea behind introducing these options was to forget any trace that password protected files were used?

    I noticed that in menu File → recent documents there no such options.

    My idea, which I guess could satisfy all users, is to do it in a most common way, I mean as it is in other programs, for example: in Kate, SMPlayer, VLC, LibreOffice Writer, where there is in File menu → recent documents an option to forget recent documents and when used all recently used documents are cleared. And please get back to old solution when on icon list was enough to click once to open a file.

    Or alternatively, you can move new options to File menu (which most users don’t use anyway because icons are preferred way) and get back to old solution when on icon list was enough to click once to open a file.


    I will think about something over this, I agree the current solution is not optimal being the quickest access to a recent document slowed down.


    I like the solution that is implemented in 0.38.8.

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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