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    Is it possible to create an extension for CherryTree? For example, to add mathematical formulas.



    The search facility in this forum seems to be broken. Otherwise I would point you to earlier discussions/ideas on “extensions” and “plugins”.

    Basically the current release of CherryTree is on hold while the next generation is under development by the Author.

    Do not expect any additions unless you dive into the current generation source code yourself.

    Meanwhile from a CT node you can exploit the codebox feature to “execute codebox” and run embedded code snippets in the nodes to launch third party services or scripts.

    In a node go to Edit > InsertCodeBox (or use hot keys Ctrl+Alt+C)
    and make sure that you select the appropriate code type.
    That is, select Automatic Syntax Highlighting and choose from the dropdown list.

    For your purpose you might choose from …

    Executing code from codeboxes I have explored links to plotly, RStudio, shinyapps etc.

    The one problem is that the code placed in the codebox does not render equations, plots etc. inside CherryTree but instead in an external view such as browser or RStudio.

    You can also create a library of scripts and launch one from codebox.

    This is the nearest to plugins which you will find with the existing CT framework.

    [Late edit]]
    I will add an afterthought.
    After testing the inserted code there may be no need to continue displaying all the codebox content.
    I simply write a title (a commented title line with # at start) at the top of the codebox and reduce the height of codebox to one line in height. Thus you need only click on the displayed one line codebox to execute it.

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    I forgot to mention another approach which I tried to embed maths equations in CherryTree node.

    First create your math equation in LaTeX and convert to svg file.

    Then in CherryTree go to Edit > Insert Image and navigate to your *.svg file.

    You can experiment with an online equation editor and choose export to svg.



    Finally …

    I found this earlier post of mine exploring how to use codebox to launch scripts. The approach differs between Windows and Ubuntu.

    For your purpose it seems that the best approach is to insert image (svg file). However codebox can be used for other applications.

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