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    When we type http://xxxx it will be automatically hyperlinked, and there is even an option to use a custom application for it.

    I would really like to have callto://xxxx and tel://xxxx to automatically hyperlink, too, and perhaps with it’s own custom option as well?

    In fact, if there were a way to enable the system’s own custom url protocols, that would be perfect. There are a few other system url protocols besides http and file.


    Any hope for this?


    Musing. How about a single line codebox with this sh command line …

    xdg-open callto://xxxx

    Then execute codebox.


    Interesting workaround, but still not what I’m after. I would like to be able to just type callto:xxxx and have it work the system’s url protocol automatically, just like it does with http:// hyperlinks – all seamlessly, and without any extra steps for formatting. It would allow me to make phonebook lists.


    I would not raise any hopes of requested added features in the current build. As far as I understand there is work in progress to migrate to another version. See pinned top link – development status. Hence the consideration of “workarounds”.


    If you are willing to hack the code to add new url protocol handler .. I used SearchMonkey to search for “url” and first clues are found (amongst many other hits) in

    Line Number: 34
    import urllib2
    Line Number: 270
                fd = urllib2.urlopen(cons.NEWER_VERSION_URL, timeout=3)
    Line Number: 4448
                link_url = self.links_entries['webs']
    Line Number: 4449
                if link_url:
    Line Number: 4450
                    if len(link_url) < 8\
    Line Number: 4451
                    or (link_url[0:7] != "http://" and link_url[0:8] != "https://"):
    Line Number: 4452
                        link_url = "http://" + link_url
    Line Number: 4453
                    property_value = cons.LINK_TYPE_WEBS + cons.CHAR_SPACE + link_url

    I would look there then rebuild cherrytree. But this is detective work.


    Thanks eureka. Yeah, it looks like the authour isn’t happy with the way things are building and wants to change things. I know how that goes.

    Ah – and thanks for the code. I don’t really have time to spend hacking it AND learning Python.. I think I’ll pass – but I appreciate your time and attention.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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