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    First of all I wish Happy New Year to all CherryTree users.
    In few days the new version 0.32.0 will be issued, here’s the release candidate 3 (rev. 1184) for anybody willing to test it before the official release:

    Windows version HERE (run with bin/cherrytree.exe)
    Linux version HERE (run with ./cherrytree)

    The changelog is the following:
    • when selecting print/export to pdf there’s now an option to start new nodes in new pages
    • the links colors are now configurable
    • the wrapped lines indentation is now configurable
    • added menu item and shortcut (F8) to insert a node with the date of today in hierarchy year/month/day
    • in node properties dialog added the opportunity to insert tags choosing between the existing tags
    • F1 is now shortcut for the online manual
    • updated PowerShell syntax highlighting definition file by haven200
    • fixed several bugs


    Minimize to system tray problem (after the quit node tree is still displayed.)
    And the title character garbled
    Still exists


    After the program ‘quit’
    node tree is still displayed.
    Line number column is still displayed.
    The node name header is still displayed.

    After minimizing to the system tray,
    Recovery window does not display the contents of the text in the work area.


    Before the ‘title bar’ == ‘node name header’



    Ok so the problems (in windows Chinese version) are 2:
    1) the text area doesn’t work anymore after hide to system tray and show again
    2) some characters look bad either in node name header and in the search dialog
    Since this takes time I will probably release a first official version 0.32.0 and then work again on this.


    3). Can not completely shut down the instance:
    Click After the program ‘file -〉quit’,
    node tree is still displayed,
    Line number column is still displayed,
    The node name header is still displayed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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