cherrytree 0.99.28 issued

  • improved performance of tables (#1416, #1427, #1446, #1447)
  • improved sanitisation from bad characters at xml parse time (#1465)
  • fix time filter for find in nodes names and tags (#1453)
  • fix color for selected item in tree not consistent with selected item in menu (#1456)
  • icon theme new save icon and other improvements (@userfav/Ugo Yak)
  • fix config.cfg re-created when symlinked (#1464)
  • support for sqlite database generated with old version of cherrytree, convert at write time not read time
  • fix failed import from zim (#1273)
  • spdlog and fmt libraries no longer bundled but to be installed separately (#1199, #1433, #1458)
  • build optimisation changed from -O3 to -O2 (#1433)
  • new language supported: Bulgarian (Iliya Nikolaev)
  • updated Turkish (Ferhat Aydin)

cherrytree 0.99.26 issued

  • fix crash trying to open a bookmarked node that was deleted (#1430)
  • fix crash when trying to paste invalid image in clipboard (#1440)
  • fix tree drag n drop freezing issue (#1377)
  • when (re)generating TOC do not remove anchors created from the user (#1382)
  • fix recent documents list does’t show undercores (#1435)
  • fix when setting language different than Default, open folder link not working if non ASCII characters in path (#1423)
  • fix non working keyboard shorcuts Alt+Left/Right to go to previous/next visited nodes (#1412)
  • keyboard shortcut to delete a node becomes Ctrl+Delete since this action now works also with focus on the text/while editing text (#1412)
  • fix table keyboard shortcut Ctrl+comma (add row) and Ctrl+Alt+comma (delete row) (#1417)
  • fix some icons are invisible on dark theme + several icons improvements (#1414, work of @userfav/Ugo Yak)
  • fix find function adds empty lines to blank nodes (#1428)
  • fix wrongly detecting being run from the sorces directory build folder (#1422)

cherrytree 0.99.25 issued

  • icon theme update (#1408, work of @userfav/Ugo Yak)
  • fix TOC generation when existing anchor but wrong name (#1382)
  • export to plain text do not alter node name case and prefix with a # per node level (#1385)
  • fix spell-check language selection from preferences dialog not working (#1400)
  • fix spell-check language selection from right click menu was not saved to preferences
  • added missing tooltips on the bookmarks handle dialog (#1403)
  • improved command line switch –new-window (#1339)
  • updated language Spanish to 100% (@userfav), fixed typo in language French (@bataillec)

cherrytree 0.99.24 issued

  • fix crash parsing sqlite node with image (#1337)
  • fix bugs with search time filter (#1381)
  • fix can’t open encrypted .ctx/.ctz file when the filename is renamed (#1383)
  • fix missing copy/cut/paste for tables and codeboxes in right click menu (#1379)
  • fix insert TOC with closing bracket at the end of the headline (#1382)
  • fix Automatically Check for Newer version (#1380)
  • added commandline option -s/–export_single_file for exports to html and plaintext (work of Sylvain Pasche)

cherrytree 0.99.22 issued

  • fixed not saving node properties when only node properties are changed (#1364)
  • fix issue (gitch) pasting tables from clipboard (#1358)
  • added command line switch –new-window (#1339)
  • the rich text tagged monospace is not forced to use a dedicated font anymore – configurable and off by default (#1343)
  • fixed crash when manually generating config.cfg (with BOM) for windows portable
  • fixed issues with portable version not using portable config dir