cherrytree 0.99.36 issued

  • fix segfault on startup when configured to start on systray (in 0.99.34,0.99.35 – #1610, #1619)
  • updated Japanese language (Piyo)

5 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.36 issued”

  1. Thank you guys for this Awesome program , keep going and i hope u all the best
    I have a proposal , is to add “Arabic” language to the program ,ithink its a good idea
    and Thank you very much again , and i wish you good luck

  2. Hi @Ahmed every language needs a person to do the job, few times a person started with the Arabic but gave up, I have never received a translation complete

  3. how come sometimes i download cherrytree on a system, even if its the most recent, and i get the old skin that hasn’t been default foreverrrrr… weird.

  4. bug report in 0.99.36: the content in the table can be modified while the node is read only.

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