cherrytree 0.99.20 issued

  • fix cannot save after editing old .ctd File (#1331)
  • fix HTML Interpretation on Paste (#1317)
  • fix PDF export: wrong colours (#1311)
  • fix instead of increasing enumeration on enter, list removed enumeration
  • fix progress bar during search not visible (#1302)
  • fix Microsoft Print to PDF erroneous (#1270)
  • fix pressing enter at the beginning of a non empty list element must not quit the list (#1327)
  • fix pressing enter in middle of numbered list did not update very latest list element if at buffer end without newline
  • fix pasting images with data:image/base64 format
  • last visited nodes are now restored when closing and reopening a document (#1319)
  • file attachments can now be renamed (#1301)
  • symlinks to cherrytree document paths are now resolved

3 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.20 issued”

  1. I just installed cherrytree “update” 0.99.22 on POP OS 20.10 this morning, everything works except every time I try to use text format using option on top bar, it crashes. I am wondering if anyone else have this issue ?

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