cherrytree 0.99.19 issued

  • the table columns widths are no longer forced equal – modify with right click menu or Ctrl+Period/Ctrl+Alt+Period (#1228)
  • fix search in current node not searching in the current node (#1293)
  • fix rich text monospace tagged text does not zoom (#1264)
  • fix import of plain text file non ascii/utf-8 (new library needed – uchardet)
  • improved undo/redo for codeboxes and tables, restoring cursor position
  • fix visualisation glitches in tables after altering rows/columns (#1205)
  • fix menus have excessive white-space before icons (#1289)
  • support in tables for navigation with Tab and Shift+Tab (#1228) in addition to Ctrl+Arrows
  • removed unnecessary whitespaces from html copy/paste
  • French language updated (Klaus Becker)

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