cherrytree 0.99.15 issued

  • fix paste in context-menu for images in clipboard is greyed-out (#1196)
  • fix Crash when clicking on dead link in TOC (#1189)
  • added command line option –version/-V (#1204)
  • fix preferences dialog option to enable/disable node name wrap requires cherrytree restart
  • code execution on linux avoid to blocks cherrytree adding trailing ampersand (#1201, thanks @4Syno)
  • autosave is enabled by default (#1140)
  • fix preferences dialog keyboard shortcuts tab wrong icon (#1210)
  • expand codeboxes automatically enabled by default (#141, #197, #719)
  • fix Windows settings from old pygtk2 version are not preserved (#1212)
  • fix relative links not working (#1213)
  • export to plain HTML added node level into title class (#1166)
  • icons for the icon theme can be overridden placing in ~/.config/cherrytree/icons or windows equivalent (#1179)
  • fix Windows 7 Crash when clicking website link in Help/About (#1215)
  • fix insert TOC hangs (#1211)
  • fix Can’t do anything with search results window open (#1224)
  • configurable highlight matching brackets for rich text and plain text (#1227)

15 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.15 issued”

  1. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-64. At present cherrytree 0.39.4. If I try to install the 0.99.15-1 it fails. There is nothing anywhere that I have seen that says 18.04 must stay at 0.39.4 or how to get 0.99.15-1 installed. Am I trying to do something that can’t be done? When I run Ubuntu 20.04 LTS-64 the cherrytree 0.99.15-1 works great. Thanks for your work on this application.

  2. This version doesn’t have the possibility to change background colors previously located in preference/Tree1

    the old config file, seems not to work in this version regarding that feature
    Am I missing something?

  3. hi, on CherryTree 0.99.15 i have a completly freeze when autosave or just save the project. My CPU who handle this task come up to 100% and never go down and i need to quit every 2min ^^. is that just me or??
    Im on archlinux rn

  4. it wasnt when i save something, there is a problem with a node, i didnt remember what it contains i think it is a table. Thanks i will raise one when i’ll find what the root cause is 🙂

  5. I am very pleased with all new features introduced in the updates, especially the possiblilty to also choose themes for text and code and table, introduced in a previous version.

  6. With 0.99.14 and now 0.99.15 when I add the Edit Table Properties button to the toolbar, it remains grayed out and disabled when my cursor is within the table.

    However the right click context menu option to edit the table properties works as expected.

  7. Did file format change between 0.39.x and 0.99.x?
    I store the files on a server and noteiced, that I cannot open files I changed from 0.99 in 0.39.

  8. Thanks Giuspe, I know there are some option colors in theme but very limited, not the possibilities to change background colors previously located in preference/Tree1. Think I will wait for a new version that keeps the previous functionality

  9. @MIKA unfortunately you won’t have the same foreground/background color anymore, at least in GTK3. To achieve the result, if none of the themes satisfies you, you have to create a new theme copying from an existing one like I have done for cobalt-darkened.xml then place it in the same folder in your installation. If well made we can then include it.

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