cherrytree 0.99.14 issued

  • fix crash when pasting a single character (#1186)
  • fix remove invalid (deleted) anchor widgets from the list (#1190)
  • fix crash while importing from html due to odd attrs amount (#1191)
  • fix encoding issue str::time_format returns UTF-8 (#1197)
  • fix codebox change width/height was not being detected as a change to be saved
  • fix width/height increase when auto resize is enabled (as by default in 0.99.x)
  • fix message of newer version available showing old version while new version expected
  • fix windows crash on exception ‘locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid’ (#1184)
  • fix windows installer issues with generated shortcut and double click on file from explorer (#1184)
  • fix windows detected paths for locale and data folders
  • Japanese language updated (Piyo)

24 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.14 issued”

  1. congratulations on your application. the new version is less responsive due to GTK3. Isn’t a native win32 version possible?
    I prefer the GTK2 version, it is lighter. Will you keep keeping the code?

  2. Unfortunately gtk2 is obsolete, we won’t keep developing it but we’ll try and get the best out of gtk3 and soon gtk4

  3. I really appreciate your work on this application! As Scott said, thanks for your time and effort.

  4. thanks for best program! but, unfortunatly, new versions is’nt win32, so i cant use it 🙁
    giuspen, is an any chance to get win32 version of a future builds or will be only win64?

  5. I’ve appreciated using the 0.39.4 which allowed me to select my own colour of background for the complete page in the text panel. Is there any way I can do this now, or are we stuck with the your choice of colojur themes / or only the background of typed text configurable ?

  6. giuspen,
    as for me, im using windows 8.1 32x, because my comp has 3Gb of RAM and therefore there will be no benefit from using 64x edition OS (also. programs consume slightly more memory in 64x OS than 32x OS).
    by the way, windows xp also had 64x edition 🙂

  7. On Ubuntu 20.04 I have the older 0.39.4 and the latest 0.99.14.
    Very impressive.

    But some teething issues found with 0.99.14.

    {1} I find that in 0,99.14 after setting theme from cobalt to classic I have to reset after every boot. The theme setting is not persistent between sessions. Could this be due to the older version config conflicting?

    (2) I cannot find the documentation for 0.99.14 (Help > Online Manual links to older documentation). I would like to refer to pandoc import.

  8. I think the theme issue is because toggling between 0.39 and 0.99, nobody else had it. For the manual I hope the maintainer will get back, it was not me to do the pandoc import and frankly I haven’t followed up on that part yet

  9. Greetings! Brand new user here. I’d like to add some custom icons for the tree view for my particular tree sections. Can you give a quick rundown of how do it in GTK now? The old instructions were for Python.

    Can these be saved with the document itself? The Python instructions made it seem like a GUI thing to add.

    Thanks for a wonderful program! This is exactly what I needed!

  10. I found the classic theme in .\CherryTree\mingw64\share\gtksourceview-3.0\styles and copied it to
    .\CherryTree\mingw64\usr\share\cherrytree\styles then renamed it and make a couple of changes…
    but my new theme does appear in the theme list in preferences. Do I need to import the new theme

    I am using the portable version on Windows 10.

  11. Using version 0.99.15 on Ubuntu 20.04.
    Commands for deleting table single row or multiple rows are unclear.
    Cannot select multiple rows.
    Have referred to Command Palette but Del+K deletes entire table.
    Should these points be raised as issues at github?
    Thanks for great work on this release. I have ideas to integrate CT into toolchain,

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