cherrytree 0.99.13 issued

  • This is the first public release of the 0.99.x serie where Evgenii (@txe) and myself (@giuspen) have rewritten everything from scratch in C++/GTK3
  • This attempts to list the features not yet ported and brand new against 0.39.4, currently last Python2/GTK2 release
  • The following imports are missing and may not be implemented at all if not requested: Basket, EPIM HTML, KeyNote, KnowIt, TuxCards
  • Ubuntu AppIndicator is not currently supported
  • New: Export to PDF support for hyperlinks (work of @ForeverRainbow)
  • New: Export to HTML option to produce a single file
  • New: Duplicate a node and its subnodes (before only the selected node could be duplicated)
  • New: Option to scroll beyond the last line, enabled by default
  • New: The rich text does no longer have light/dark/custom theme but a range of themes to select from like already for plain text & code
  • New: Tables also can select their own theme like rich text and plain text & code
  • New: You can now right click a node or an anchor and select to copy a link to it in the clipboard, then paste the link into rich text
  • New: Formatting tag to indent/unindent (work of @metal450)
  • New: The tables are implemented with a different library widget, editing a cell is easier, Ctrl+Arrow to move cursor between cells
  • New: For both codeboxes and tables, Ctrl+Space allows to move the cursor in and out
  • New: Rich text, monospace tag has the font configurable in the preferences dialog
  • New: Column edit mode scintilla-like holding down Ctrl and Alt and selecting the column (cut/copy/paste not yet supported)
  • New: Foreground and background tags in the rich text can be removed without altering the other tags
  • New: The cherrytree backup files can be saved in a configured directory rather than the document directory
  • New: Code build/execution, in preferences dialog it is configurable also the file extension of the temporary generated file
  • New: Import from markdown file/folder (work of @ForeverRainbow)
  • New: Option for markdown auto replacement to rich text (work of @ForeverRainbow)
  • New: The toolbar supports multiple rows of icons
  • New: Filetype icons for file attachments on Linux (work of @metal450)
  • New: it is configurable whether to wrap or not the nodes names in the tree, off by default
  • New: Now configurable from the preferences dialog are the “Embedded file size limit”, “Triple click to select the whole paragraph”, “Chars for bulleted list”, “Chars for todo list”, “Chars for table of content”, “Chars for smart double quote”, “Chars for smart single quote”
  • New: It is configurable whether to show the document directory in the window title or not

25 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.99.13 issued”

  1. RPM for what distribution and version. Cherrytree is no longer python which had the advantage of being able to target many distributions/versions with a single package.

  2. Problem install cherrytree 0.99.13 in linuxmint 19

    Dependence libgtkmn-3.0.1v5 (>= 3.24.0)

  3. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for making this, and the continued support. These note applications with nested folders and nice features are far and few between, and yours is great. It has made my workflow much better!

  4. Awesome, thanks a lot for your work. Is there a way I can donate using flattr, opencollective or patreon?

  5. Awesome, thanks a lot for your work. Is there a way I can donate using flattr, liberapay, opencollective or patreon?

  6. Hi, the Windows installer didn’t replace the old version with the new or take my settings. It launched from the installer, but the shortcuts on the desktop all launch the old version. Thanks.

  7. Thanks Giuspen – I have upgraded now to 0.99.14, but the same issue remains (although Cherrytree now launches from the installer with the file I loaded to it last time when testing 0.99.13 (not my default/last file as per 0.39.4), and the settings still don’t seem to be adjusted to those I set, they’re still (presumably) the general ‘factory’ defaults. No biggie – I’m happy enough with 39.4 – just a little concerned that trying to upgrade might lose the settings I spent time getting how I like them. I guess I should have a dig in the directory and backup settings etc. in the meantime.

  8. Most of the settings are preserved, just a few like the new ‘theme’ are different, you can copy the config.cfg elsewhere for safety

  9. I like the 0.99.13 enhancements a lot [thanks for your great work], but i think there might be a bug.
    New: it is configurable whether to wrap or not the nodes names in the tree, off by default
    I cannot now get my tree nodes to wrap anymore, consequently many of them now are mostly unreadable, unless i drag the tree-width to a huge value [highly impractical].

    Is this a known issue please?

    Oh, i just saw that you’ve released 0.99.14 already, but this problem is no mentioned in its changelog.

  10. Unfortunately changing this option works only after you restart cherrytree, I’ll add the notification dialog saying that

  11. “Most of the settings are preserved…”
    Mine aren’t. I’m sorry, perhaps you didn’t understand what I was saying. When in install the new version, it has “forgotten” my non-default settings, and also starts its own collection of recent files. Although I selected to create a desktop shortcut, all my desktop shortcuts to Cherrytree launch the old version.

  12. Hi, thanks for your job on working this project!
    Is there any tips for better speed for run program on Windows? (it takes about 5 sec on i7/32GB RAM for first run)

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