cherrytree 0.39.3 issued

  • Forbid to use ‘<‘ and ‘>’ in password in PyGtk2 (#765) – all characters will be available in upcoming Gtkmm3 version currently under testing
  • After toggle tree visibility with tree that becomes visible, the tree gets the focus (tree gets hidden, text gets the focus)
  • Possibility to disable triple click selecting the whole paragraph, currently only editing directly config.cfg (look for triple_click_paragraph)
  • Updated language German from new maintainer Stefan Pöschel
  • Updated language Finnish (Henri Kaustinen)
  • Small fixes to Spanish translation (Roberto Vaquerizo)

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.39.3 issued”

  1. Dear Giuspen,
    CherryTree is my mostly used app since years.
    It seems that 0.39.3 improves the default Ubuntu 20.04 version 0.39.2, which has some big problems (e.g. missing german spelling checker, funny behavior of some Rich-Text parameters, menu “Bearbeiten” no more available, etc…).
    When do you plan to release 0.39.3 on
    Thanks for this great app, BR,

  2. Hi Giuspen,

    Thanks for the updates! I’ve been using Cherrytree notes as an alternative to OneNote for a few months now and I can’t say how awesome it is compared to other note-taking apps. I’ve tried everything (OneNote, Evernnote, Simplenotes etc).

    Please contact me if you need some light design work to better highlight all of the great features that aren’t available on other apps. I’m willing to contribute some time free to charge so more people use Cherrytree! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for this great note taking app !

    The only thing I am really missing (Win 10) is a configurable global hotkey to show/hide cherrytree by keyboard.


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