cherrytree 0.39.1 issued

  • fixed export to html regressions after 0.39.0 (#668, work of @txe)
  • fixed RuntimeError: returned character can not be represented in 16-bit unicode” (#675, #664, work of @txe)
  • fixed problem with opening another note (#679, work of @txe)
  • show node path in tooltip of Last Visited Nodes (#680, work of @txe)
  • triple click functionality to select paragraph limited to rich text as not ideal in particular for for code

4 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.39.1 issued”

  1. Hello!

    I have been using your ChreeyTree program for several years, but a year ago I met a problem, and this problem is very difficult to work with.
    I am working with version 0.38.9, I recently switched to version 0.39.0, but in the latest version the problem described below not only did not disappear, but got worse.
    My cherrytree file has over 5500 nodes, and although the file itself is small (a little over 6 Mb), the insertion of each new node is very long – depending on the computer, 15-25 seconds. I need to create a lot of nodes, and this insertion time makes the job almost impossible.
    I would like to ask you to find out what is the reason for such a long insert operation. There are many profilers for Python, and this does not have to be very complicated.
    I created a special test file with 5555 hierarchically organized empty nodes. This problem is reproduced on it.
    Unfortunately, I myself do not know Python programming and cannot understand what the matter is.
    If possible, please correct this annoying behavior of your program. ChreeyTree is very useful and necessary, but, unfortunately, with such an insertion time, I can’t use it.

    Test file name: 0_Root_50.ctb (868k size, 5555 nodes)
    Shared link:


    splinter dot rat dot pro AT gmail dot com

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