cherrytree 0.39.0 issued

  • improved export to html (work of @ksmukta)
  • fixed export to pdf, picture blurry (work of @txe)
  • implemented a ‘command palette’ dialog to quickly access all the commands in one place (work of @ksmukta)
  • improved sorting (work of @txe)
  • improved performance of imports into cherrytre (work of @txe)
  • fixed ‘recent document paths have wrong enconding’ (#632, work of @txe)
  • fixed ‘files with russian names won’t open through command line under Windows’ (#633, work of @txe)
  • fixed ‘visited nodes history, going to todays node using key binding’ (work of @ksmukta)
  • fixed ‘syntax Highlighting selected first from list when pressing enter’ (#657, work of @txe)
  • updated syntax highlighting language specs files for various languages (#228, #92, #38, work of @txe)
  • cursor to stay inside codeBox after creation (#655, work of @txe – remember: Ctrl+Space moves the cursor in and out the codebox)
  • added triple click functionality to select paragraph (work of @letto4135)
  • fixed smart quotes spell check bug (work of @letto4135)
  • added new language Swedish (translated by Åke Engelbrektson)
  • note that cherrytree is now available also as a snap package (created and maintained by Heather Ellsworth,

14 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.39.0 issued”

  1. I came over from Zim and Joplin which are still good, but Cherry Tree is now better.

  2. The download links use http and .exe get blocked by certain firewalls. Instead manually changing to https works well.


  3. I keep my system updated (PopOs Linux) and noticed that either dued to the system updates or Cherrytree update to the latest, created an issue, since Cherrytree won’t start now.

    It doesn’t show any error message window, it just won’t start. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it again and nothing :(.

    So as a workaround I went for the snap option and this version works fine. Is there anybody out there having similar issues?

  4. I just installed CT with snap but it doesnt appear anywhere, even after restart. Working on Debian 10.

  5. >added triple click functionality to select paragraph (work of @letto4135)
    How to revert triple click to select line instead of paragraph?

  6. In versions lower 0.39.2 tripple left mouse button click selects line. Now it selects paragraph.
    How to rollback this change?

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