12 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.11 issued”

  1. Thanks for the update !
    One thing I look forward to is the ability to move an image below the text and place it anywhere on the page, I hope that is doable 🙂

  2. I forgot to add a tiny thing : a big plus considering security would be to add some kind of timer, and after x minutes of inactivity it would close the instance 🙂
    Thanks again for your work !

  3. I like the software very much in principle, but unfortunately it has a massive problem with the export of data entries.
    Directory trees can only be exported as PDF with submenus. For all other export functions, the directories remain completely empty (when exporting to TXT format) or they contain only the first level (only the index.html exists without any additional subpages). It does not matter whether the “with child nodes” option has been activated during export. Only the top level is exported at a time.
    Even when exporting all Cherry Tree data, all sub-levels below the first level are missing.

  4. When doing undo/redo the entire screen flickers and the cursor position might jump. Is it possible to fix this please before adding new features?

  5. Thanks for the update.
    Looking forward for the gtkmm version.

    Hope it brings an easier way to implement features that were difficult on the current python version.

  6. @Baptiste
    “a big plus considering security would be to add some kind of timer, and after x minutes of inactivity it would close the instance”

    I wouldn’t build this into this program. This seems like a typical system task to me: let another program handle this. AutoHotkey (also free, open source) would be able to handle this perfectly using a simple script:

    SetTimer, MonitorCherryTree, 10000 ; Every 10 seconds or whatever
    IfWinExist CherryTree 0.38.11 ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel
    if (A_TimeIdlePhysical > [your minutes here]))
    WinClose CherryTree 0.38.11 ahk_class gdkWindowToplevel

  7. Good day. Tell me, did someone encounter the problem of saving and opening documents? You saved the error. A new document opens.

  8. Everytime I have monospace or codeboxes in my nodes and do a undo it breaks a part of my formatting which is totally annoying and makes this Version unuseable. Updated my Windows version from 38.9 to 38.11.

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