cherrytree 0.38.10 issued

  • bugfix: error opening encrypted documents when path contains non-ASCII characters (#399)
  • bugfix: removing the text formatting was possible in read-only Node (#543)
  • bugfix: collapse all nodes at startup doesn’t work with enabled expand tree at mouse click (#569)
  • added support for export to pdf from command line (#584)
  • supporting new syntax highlighting for language kotlin
  • ‘reload after external update to ct* file’ disabled by default (#602)
  • ‘smart quotes auto replacement’ replacing characters configurable manually editing config.cfg
  • added small sigma to default special chars (#563)
  • support mac osx for open link to file, default custom action (#564)
  • added dollar as character not to be used in passwords; note that all chars will be instead usable in upcoming gtkmm3 version (#545)
  • minor changes to support reading a document that has been edited from the upcoming gtkmm3 version of cherrytree
  • minor changes to support reading a config.cfg that has been edited from the upcoming gtkmm3 version of cherrytree

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.10 issued”

  1. I am using CherryTree for a few years now.

    It is of utmost value in colecting all kinds of information so as to establish a database of knowlege.
    It is a great tool to prepare a PhD thesis.

    Many thanks to Guiseppe for this update


  2. 0.38.10 installer for windows is stopped by antimalware as ransomware. its tripping on chrome.exe. previous version doesnt have this issue. what is the chrome.exe piece that is different from previous installers?

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