cherrytree 0.38.9 issued

  • Auto replacement of symbols as you type is now configurable in preferences dialog, tab Text (work of trololo88)
  • Ctrl+Space to toggle To-Do List Item State; fixed multilevel bug
  • Paste/import from html – added basic support for
  • In codeboxes use code font for both plain text and syntax hilighting (work of akwala)
  • Fix paste as plain text into CodeBox cause losing CodeBox content (#538)
  • Export to html, stylesheet revamp (work of gonzalezjo)

12 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.9 issued”

  1. Great work. One of the best note-taking programs out there. Is or will there be a Qt version some time?

  2. The migration is from pygtk2 to gtkmm3, the status is quite advanced, attempt is to release the first gtkmm3 version end of 2019 begin 2020

  3. Ottimo lavoro. Lo uso da poco ma lo apprezzo ogni giorno che passa.
    In futuro ci sarà la possibilità di proteggere una pagina con password ?

    grazie, ciao

  4. Thank you, I was looking for something like this for some time and was not able to find anything even close. Using primary to keep together collections of scripts and snippets.

  5. Great app. Unfortunately Tree background theming does NOT work on at least Ubuntu Gnome 19.04

    The moment a node is added, the tree background is WHITE and foreground text is BLACK. It does not matter how many times the settings are changed under the preferences, they are totally ignored.

  6. Linux “whatever you wish” flavored note taking app, great for the GTD (getting things done) method.

    It would be nice an option to use tags as contexts, and then list them at the bottom of the tree with its own hierarchy to manage states, projects or whatever you want.

    Thank you for your great work.

  7. It is a very good application, but It can’t be compiled on centos 8 now because the python version problem. Is there a fix for it. Thank you!

  8. I love your tool way better than KeepNote but missing one function that I truly need, the ability to grab a screenshot of a selected part of the screen/window from within CherryTree. Need this to help rapidly develop training materials. Does it already have that ability and I’m just missing it.

  9. Thanks for your great work!
    Is there Hotkey for Minimize/Restore CherryTree window? I could not find it, it is very desired feature..!

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