cherrytree 0.38.8 issued

  • Improved implementation of deletion of recent documents entry (#382)
  • Ctrl+Space to toggle To-Do List Item State (#438)
  • Fix detection of missing installation of xterm required in code execution on linux (with default settings)
  • Horizontal rule insert without hard coded newline before (still newline after)
  • updated Spanish language (Daniel)
  • updated Greek language (Delphina)
  • updated Armenian language (Seda)

15 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.8 issued”

  1. Thank you for your great work.
    I am going to start using TO-DO list feature right now. I didn’t know this feature existed until today.

  2. I never thought I would be able to transition away from OneNote. 3 years and counting, and Cherrytree is still my singular note-taking application. Thank you so much for your great work.

  3. Export HTML:
    Relative links do not work correctly. It should be like this:
    True: href=”.. \ .. \folder\index.html
    False: href=”file://absolut way\..\folder\index.html
    Thanks you for Program 🙂

  4. Thanks you! Great app. Perfect working on Windows 10 and Debian-based distro. I tried to install on Fedora 29 downloaded a rpm doesn’t install/update cherrytree. I’m tried to install from rpmfusion old version 0.38.2 and then update from downloaded rpm but got a lot errors in terminal.

  5. Awesome program, thank you! I have tried many different programs in the past and this is by far the best!

  6. A good program for both small and large tasks. But I had to refuse it because of the lack of possibility to adjust the size of the text in the built-in editor. The text is too small. Agree that you first edit the text in Microsoft Wordl, and then insert it into your editor it will be wrong. We have a lot of people have a similar claim. Please add this feature.

  7. Vissont

    You can adjust the text size using (ctrl + shift + =) and as long as your cursor is in the text editor. You can use the same commands to change the text size in the tree pane as well, just click on the pane and then use the commands.

  8. Cherry Tree (0.38.8) Review:

    * Installation (Windows 10) was painless.

    * First use, when saving file resulted in loss of data/file due to permissions problem (from memory). As I always start with a “play” file and nothing serious, this was no real loss.

    * Overall a great program. It is so good, I am shifting my data from TreePad Lite to CherryTree.

    Cherry Tree Faults:

    * “Insert special character” does not produce selected character (Windows 10). Eg a square box / with tick produces a square box with 4 dots inside which seems to be a “broken character” icon.

    * Import (from TreePad Lite) fails when there are a large number of second level nodes. Whether I stopped the process by exiting too soon is unknown. See Requests below.

    Cherry Tree Requests:

    * Addition of “New file”, a standard toolbar function. Retain New Instance, but New File would simply initiate a new file (clear all nodes and reset name to unsaved “untitled”, a standard process).

    * Import: While converting, change cursor to “busy”, changing back when process complete.

    * Import: Force status bar show. Show progress of import in progress bar. This is very important when importing large files.

    * OK + Cancel buttons. Please move “Ok” button to the left and “Cancel” button to the right. Standard in windows apps.

    * “Read only”: Currently Read Only is for single node. Change to locks/unlocks selected node and all children.

    * “Read only”: Warn against moving node if it is read only. Display acceptance dialog box. “Node is Read Only, do you still want to move it?” If Yes, then move node (and children), but retain Read only status.

    * “Read only”: When copy node is developed (known request), the new node is made read only turned OFF, but the original note retains Read only. This should be replicated to all children nodes.

    * “Code box”: Make the code box float-able. Properties of code box: Floating / Static. See if you can make it like Microsoft Word’s Layout around an image: (Inline with text [current], Square, Tight., in front of text).

    * “Node Sort”: Short cut key for Node sort. Small menu offering the 4 choices.

    * “Rich Text”: Allow multiple fonts & sizes within a node, like Ms Word and Open Office’s Text Document. So this means there would be 4 settings: Plain, HTML-like (3 headings, which is the current “rich text” option), true “rich text” (like Word/TD), and the Auto Syntax highlighting.

    * Increase the 3 headings to 4 headings in the current “rich text” option.

    * Better handling of wraparound length for node names. It is a bit fiddly at the moment. You have to change the value, shift the slider bar controlling the tree display width, collapse the tree then expand it to work correctly.

    An excellent program. Thank you for developing it and making it free.


  9. Enhancements:

    “Duplicate Node”: duplicates children as well. That would enable a structure of empty nodes to be duplicated, ready to be moved to a new parent.


  10. The following preferences should be saved in files, and not global, as files have different uses:
    * Tab Width
    * Insert Spaces Instead Of Tabs
    * Use Line Wrapping
    * Line Wrapping Indentation
    * Enable Automatic indentation
    * Show Line Numbers
    * Vertical Space Around Lines
    * Vertical In Wrapped Lines

  11. For many, many years KeepNote was my preferred choice for organizing everything. For me, it’s key features were the very large file size handling (perhaps no limit?) and that it used a format on disk that was human-readable and recoverable. Recently, I updated my work-day installation of Linux to Mint 19.1 on an SSD drive. After installing KeepNote, I discovered that it had a problem reading across partitions – it would only open files on the local device. At present, I have neither the time nor inclination to debug a program that hasn’t been maintained since 2004. I found CherryTree Notes on the Mint 19.1 (Tessa) software distro, installed it, was AMAZED (especially by the import/export of KeepNote) and although there are some HUGE KeepNote collections that it can’t seem to import, I’m pretty sure I will be switching to CherryNote going forward.

    Everything on the “wish list” is something I would want too.

    My only question(s) are regarding trade-offs for using sqlite versus XML for storage. Is one faster than the other? Also, what is the largest file size that can be used?

    Thank you very much for creating such an EXCELLENT application!

  12. Thanks for your great program.

    I upgraded today to Debian 10 (Buster) and found Cherrytree missing from Buster’s packages. Furthermore, simply downloading and installing the latest Debian package from your site (0.38.8 at this writing) resulted in unresolvable dependency problems.

    The fix I found was to download and install the Debian package file for python-gtksourceview2 for Stretch (oldstable) at Then you can install Cherrytree 0.38.8 from the .deb file on this site. There will be dependency errors preventing installation, but you can fix them by executing “apt-get -f install” (as root, of course.)

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