cherrytree 0.38.4 issued

* support for zoom in tables (#292) with both Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or Ctrl+Plus/Minus
* copy/paste rich text with dark background to light background – fix too light color
* tree visible status now persistent after system tray hide/show and between sessions
* default value changes for web link color (less bright blue) and codebox auto resize (to False)
* no special chars auto replacements for code – only for rich and plain text (#293)
* paste from rich text and import from html – support fot tag <code> to codebox (#229)
* Tab key also valid to switch between table cell (#298)

21 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.4 issued”

  1. Hi! Still hangs for 1-5 second when using “enter” in any place of document. Depends on how long program in use from starting, if started earlier than 1 hour ago — works good, otherwise works with delays mentioned above,
    Thx, Max

  2. Description:Open a file, edit the document, the document inside the content to a scroll bar, and then return to the desktop (CherryTree, loss of focus) and then click CherryTree, inside the window scroll, click the mouse will automatically jump to the start editing position, rather than the current window click on the mouse position.
    Is this a bug?

  3. Hello, friend!
    I heard so many good things about cherrytree, and I really want to use it for my next project. A missing feature I am experiencing right now is that there seems to be no way of seeing when your text has gone too far horizontally and starting to go outside of the A4 pdf page border. What I would like to see is a toggle that just shifts your text to the next line when it has exceeded a normal A4 paper border. Like you would see in Word, or in this box I am writing in right now. This way, we solve multiple problems:
    1. random linebreaks if we copy the text to anywhere else
    2. pdf export not showing lines that are too long
    I am sure you could somehow hardcode a border in the html export to make the page contained and printeable. I’m not sure if I described it well enough, but if I had to sum it up: “I would like a long text line to be shown as multiple lines in the editor, in the pdf export, and in the html export, BUT behave as one long line when copied manually to somewhere else.”

    Please consider implementing this because I really want to use your program for my big project.

    Thank you !

  4. @Erin: Until your request gets included in a future release, consider trying out Treepad; If you’re a Linux user, it runs pretty well under Wine. The pay versions of Treepad (free versions do not support richtext formatting, graphics, etc.) can be used for a 20-day trial period.

  5. Discoverd CherryTree two days ago thanks to a comment on reddit, and i’m in love with it! it is simple and brilliant. any plans for an android version?

  6. Still no basic Boolean search operators.
    Last time the question was asked about this, the developer ignored it.
    CherryTree is excellent in many ways, but it can’t do basic searching that any search engine can do.
    That’s a major flaw.

  7. Great program, I use it every day.

    I wish it would give me more freedom to layout my notes, like with the Anki flashcard program for example, allowing the user to style their own flashcards with HTML and CSS.

    It would also be great to have table support like for example in My Notes Keeper (, the best notes taking software I’ve encountered so far, but unfortunately closed source and only available on windows. Currently table support in CherryTree is too limited.

  8. A very BIG THANK YOU for this piece of software ! (I just donated to be consistent with my comment).
    It helps me a lot putting some order in my ideas and in the information I gather on the internet.
    I think I am going to use it for a long time now.

    Just some suggestions of what additional features I would further appreciate :
    * a keyboard shortcut for subscript (ctrl+=) and superscript (ctrl++), or a way to configure them
    * export as RTF while keeping the hierarchy (for my colleagues who are still working with Word!)
    * drag and drop of nodes between different Cherrytree files
    (ideally links between nodes should be preserved…)
    * drag and drop of images and files into Cherrytree nodes
    * perhaps (?) allow a node to be child of several nodes. OK it’s not a tree any more, but sometimes I wonder if I should place the node “car engine” inside the node “car” or inside the node “energy conversion”. It would be like hard links in Linux file systems.

    In any way, keep up the good work.

  9. My wish list for an excelllent note application that keeps getting better :
    1) indentation of lists using tabs instead of spaces (which aren’t coordinated with tabs),
    since it gives a much cleaner appearance if lists are indented to same multiples as other indentation.
    Also easier to rearrange list indentation.
    2) The second indentation with bullets using an outline square instead of filled square,
    since it has a much more elegant appearance.
    The first bullet as filled dot is ok as is, since it is much smaller, and is thus much less imposing filled.
    3) In addition to global indentation for ct, optional alternate indentation by page.
    This allows for special cases decreasing indentation if many indentation levels,
    or increasing indentation for special emphasis

    Kudos for this excellent note taking app.
    Nice to be able to put almost all my notes into a few easily backed up files that are accessible (via editing xml as plain text) even if cherrytree is temporarily unavailable.
    Also, I really appreciate indentation with bullets. Since this was added, I’m using it almost all the time.

  10. Is there an option to see all nodes with their subnotes concatenated at a glance? I mean concatenating their content, like in word? If i click a node, i want to see all the subnodes with their content in the main window. Is that possible or planned to implement?

  11. Nice to know that i could achieve that by exporting my content as pdf. Thanks for the fast reaction.

  12. Suggestion: It would be nice if you can add the option when R-clicking on word(s) that automates a “search/Copy feature similar to what Opera web browser does. Love this feature as i use it all the time and it saves time.

  13. Not looking to get this comment published, but just want to give you some feedback.

    We have a guy who just started with our company, and he’s used to a Windows environment with OneNote.

    We are all Debian users, desktop and server.

    First couple of days he’s complaining about OneNote not being available, then he goes quiet about it. I ask him today, “how are you getting on?”. He shows me Cherrytree, +10 pages already, full of screenshots and info. He’s happy. It looks great. I’m looking to use it myself now, and maybe the team can all use it.

    Thank you for all your work.

  14. Thank you very much for developing this wonderful tool.

    Can you please let me know how to disable special characters from appearing in the code box? For example when I set code box to ‘cpp’ and type a tab or space, the symbol ‘….’ or ‘—>’ always appears. It is difficult to read the code with all these special characters appearing in the code. I want the tab to work but the special character should not be visible in the code box. But I don’t know where the settings for this option is located.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi

    Is it possible to search the table to have displayed row number in search results window? At this moment “Node name”, “Line -> 0”, and “Line content -> Table” are displayed in search result window if there is any match (even if I tick “All, List matches” option).
    Additionally the software is not able to search word with Polish characters: ż, ź, ć, ń, ą, ś, ł, ę, ó.


  16. Hi, I am trying to use the “Portableapps” version, 0.38.4, but I have this log:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “cherrytree”, line 78, in
    File “cherrytree”, line 49, in f_main
    File “main.pyc”, line 41, in
    File “core.pyc”, line 37, in
    File “pgsc_spellcheck.pyc”, line 39, in
    File “pgsc_locales.pyc”, line 49, in
    sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file

  17. Dear Giuspen:

    THANK YOU for this incredible software!
    I am an independent author and I use Cherrytree to organize. That is “organize everything.” Scenes, characters, locations, location notes, slang, star systems, sectors, friends, enemies… everything. I wish I’d found it sooner. At first I used monolithic documents: one for the universe (I write great science fiction) and another for each story. It worked but finding something I knew I had was irritating. Next I tried one of the open-source specialized book-writing programs. Way too rigid for me. (I do not need to track the color of my characters’ eyebrows.)
    Then… cherytree. I love the fact that I can define just enough structure without too much structure. I also love being able to put in lists, structure-formatting (headers, lists), text formatting and pictures. One of my published works is a writer’s guide to open-source software. The next revision will include a chapter devoted to Cherrytree! (If you like I’ll post a link here when it’s done.)
    My only feature request is for millions more people, especially independent authors, to discover Cherrytree.

    Thanks again;
    James Matt Cox

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