cherrytree 0.38.2 issued

* bugfix in import from cherrytree file (links broken)
* bugfix in export to HTML (‘#’ in node name)
* left arrow key press with focus on an already collapsed tree node, now moves the selection to the node parent
* automatic syntax highlighting nodes – added right click menus cut & copy as plain text
* bugfix in recent filenames, problem with underscore character
* bugfix in import from keynote

13 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.2 issued”

  1. Will be great to be able customise fonts on more narrow area, for concrete paragraph, for example.

  2. Hello, I’m using Your software for quite long time and I found one thing annoying in 38.1.
    The thing is with undoing operation while typing (Ctrl-Z), it for some reasons scrolls all contents of edit window to other position. Maybe, before undoing, window’s scrolling position should be saved?

  3. @Vadim
    For a while I’ll be busy with porting from current Python2-GTK2 (pygtk) to C++-GTK3 (gtkmm3) and plan to
    freeze the features and do only bugfix, afterwards maybe…

    @ casainho
    Nice work đŸ™‚

    I agree the undo machine doesn’t work very well, it would help if you write down a list of operations to reproduce
    the problem, afterwards I’ll work on that

    @Linda Kaioh
    Hi, what was wrong with the command line again? đŸ™‚

  4. Generally during undoing while editing a long text, the cursor seems to jump and scroll the window to other places in text, usually place of the previous edit. If the text is long it disorients user and forces to look for the place of edit.

  5. In Linux Mint xfce 18.2, version 0.38.2, if I am on another nodes and I press F8 to switch to today’s date, the application crashed… At first it went well, but I think after I put many notes it begin to crash constantly, but it not crash if I switch manually by placing mouse cursor to today’s date… :O

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