cherrytree 0.38.1 issued

* bugfix in export to txt
* bugfix in all matches dialog hide/restore selected line
* sqlite document: when save and vacuum, perform also the reindex
* added yaml syntax highlighting (Sergei Zyubin)
* bugfix unwanted syntax highlighting in plain text
* bugfix in import from rednotebook
* better implementation for the recent docs saving in config.cfg

9 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.1 issued”

  1. Dear Giuspen
    I’m very lucky to have CheeryTree like tool at my PC, Thanks a lot for such awesome development.
    There is some up gradation required for the table section. You must had experience of table usage in microsoft onenote.
    Like when we type and press tha ‘Tab’ key, it will create an coloumn. Please add this feature in cheerytree as well. And Make the tables more customizable,
    thanks a lot



  2. I love cherry tree and I use it everyday.
    Thanks for the awesome work and continual improval of the platform


  3. The best note taking software, great for privacy when synced through private owncloud and SSL, just need an Android version and it would be perfect!
    Thanks for the great work.

  4. Cherrytree is an excellent software. I use it routinely to manage all my laboratory work and experiment documentation.
    Thanks, giuspen.

  5. Awesome piece of software, thanks a lot! +1 for the Android implementation, although I haven’t missed it as much as I though I would when I started using CherryTree.

    Thanks again!

  6. Hello,
    I’m a big fan from the software and I use it since version 0.17
    But I always had problems with the quotes character.

    Everytime I try to type the ” (dumb double quote) I get instead this ¨ . And this is not recognized a proper Quote notation for script and programming languages.

    I’ve tried lots of stuff to try to fix this on my end. Does anyone else has the same problem? How could I fix it?

  7. @rudaum I had the same problem and was looking for solutions too. Could not get it to work, even turning off ‘Enable Smart Quotes Auto Replacement’ didn’t work…

    …but…I did some research and I found the Windows keyboard option in the configuration panel for smart quotes was preventing the normal quotes. I don’t know exactly where it is in the control panel (I’m using an Autohotkey script to toggle the options) but it’s the one that switches between these two behaviors:
    1) Press the quote key (nothing happens) followed by space and the ‘ quote appears. Press the quote key (nothing happens) followed by e and é appears. Press shift+quote key (nothing happens) followed by e and ë appears. Etcetera…
    2) Press the quote key and immediately the ‘ quote appears. Press shift+quote key and immediately the ” double quote appears.
    Configuring Windows for no. 2 AND turning of ‘Enable Smart Quotes Auto Replacement’ will give you normal quotes in Cherrytree!

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