cherrytree 0.38.0 issued

* added the timestamp of creation and latest modification per node and the possibility to filter the searches using these values
* implemented the possibility to execute the code of code nodes and codeboxes (File–Execute Code); the terminal and the command per node type is configurable in the preferences dialog, tab “Plain Text and Code”
* the background color of the text formatted monospace is now configurable in the preferences dialog, tab Rich Text
* implemented the VACUUM command for SQLite database to repack into minimal amount of disk space (File–Save and Vacuum)
* it is now possible to edit the underlying text with the dialog listing the results of the search opened
* better support for drag and drop of nodes in large trees with the scrollbars uncovering the hidden parts of the tree when dragging close to the edges
* implemented a simple selected node word count in the statusbar; to be enabled in the preferences dialog (tab Miscellaneous)
* implemented the option to hide the tree right side auxiliary icon (currently a padlock for read only nodes and a pin for bookmarked nodes)
* implemented the option to hide the embedded file name on top of the embedded file icon (tab Rich Text, work of jhermans76)
* added command line option to export to txt [-t export_to_txt_dir] and command line option to overwrite existing export rather than adding a trailing number to the exported folder [-w] (valid also for [-x export_to_html_dir])
* assigned static keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Right for ‘Node Change Parent’
* updated bundled pygtkspellcheck from 4.0.1 to 4.0.5

3 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.38.0 issued”

  1. I would be nice if it will be possible mark background color line inside a code box.

    Inside a code box with 10 lines, can change the background color in 1 specified line.

    Actually displays: No text code selected

  2. At the moment the rich text is not supported inside a codebox, only plain text and automatic syntax highlighting

  3. Do you guys have a github? It would be easier to track progress. Also not sure where to do a feature request but it would be nice to use a # or @ for tags while your writing. You could also nest tags by #test /test2 or @test /test2.

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