cherrytree 0.37.5 issued

• the password protected documents now use 7zip fastest compression resulting in faster save and slightly larger documents
• added auto apply of web links as you type in rich text nodes
• added auto apply of links to nodes as you type in rich text nodes (CamelCase nodes names only)
• added proper scrolling to cursor after pasting of multiple lines of text from the clipboard
• added palette to the color picker dialog for the node name
• fixed bugs related to export to pdf of tables and codeboxes
• limited the spell check to rich text nodes after currently unresolvable problems with plain text spell check

13 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.37.5 issued”

  1. Any chance of auto applying non CamelCase nodes? Would love to use this feature, but would hate to rename several hundred nodes.

  2. @Wykedengel
    I’m considering supporting in future the text [a node name] that would be recognised as a link to a node named “a node name” removing the [] at autolink time

    thanks for the kind feedback 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update–this software keeps getting better.
    For autolinks, I like the way OneNote does it, where [[a node name]] becomes an autolink. Often I need to use [] without creating a link.

  4. This is an awesome program! A lot of the so-called “free” note taking applications are very limited in what they offer, unless you cough up the cash to pay for it.

    Cherrytree differs in that it offers a wide array of features and it’s totally free for the taking. I take my hat off to you. Great work. I’ll be sure to drop a donation your way!

  5. @Kinami
    [[node name]] to be treated as autolink seems fine, I’ll support in future

    Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  6. As I know in future versions there will be an option that allows to open several cherrytree files in separate tabs.

    Could you please also add an option that would allow to keep several notebooks in one cherrytree file and display those notebooks in their own tabs? Thanks for your work.

  7. It seems like *.ctb files saved to OneDrive do not show the updates made to an instance on another computer. Is there a way to manually reload the file to get the updates? Right now if I edit on one system, autosave or exit, and open on another computer That one shows the last version it had open, not the updated one.

    Or am I using this past what it is capable of?

  8. That option is checked on my laptop but I am traveling and cannot check my desktop. I will when I return (after 10/23) and let you know.

  9. Absolutely brilliant. I see the feature to export text folders in a hierarchy is on the to-do list. It imports them flawlessly from a hierarchy. If the export were possible I’d use it without question as I could be certain of easily recreating the data should there ever be a corruption.

  10. OneDrive doesn’t sync changed CTB files properly while CherryTree is running. It syncs thems only after I disable the “Enable System Tray Docking option” (which keeps the CherryTree running in a background process), and enable the auto-save on exit option. Files that are being saved while being edited in other programs (e.g. Word) are properly synced by OneDrive, so it seems that the problem is with CherryTree. I suspect that the mode of opening the CTB file by CherryTree (perhaps an exclusive read+write) is incompatible with OneDrive’s copy option. It should also be noted that OneDrive mistakenly marks the CTB files as synced in the Windows Explorer, but when you view the timestamps of such files one the OneDrive website, it clearly shows that they are not synced, hence the changes don’t get propagated to other computers.

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