cherrytree 0.37.1 issued

• bugfix: import of text documents bad decoding (added new dependency python-chardet)
• bugfix: copy/paste of table row not working
• the chars used for the multi level bulleted lists are configurable editing config.cfg (editor/chars_listbul)
• the chars used for the toc are configurable editing config.cfg (editor/chars_toc)
• updated languages French, German and Polish

One thought to “cherrytree 0.37.1 issued”

  1. Hi Giuspen,

    Just downloaded the latest Cherrytree v0.37.1.

    After making a copy of the default config.cfg file, I successfully edited — using Notepad++ — the T.O.C. section under editor.

    I then exported the data to PDF and was satisfied with the final appearance of the bullets using VERDANA font

    Thank you very much.

    Kind Regards,

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